For infants

Akvamaris for newborns

drops Aqua Maris nasal Children's shows to use for the prevention and treatment of the common cold in infants and young children.The effectiveness of Aqua Maris proved multitude of clinical studies: the drops gently and without damage to the nasal mucosa clean of excess mucus and microorganisms.The preparation does not contain any chemical additives and synthetic ingredients, so does not cause allergic reactions, and is completely harmless for children of any age, including premature infants.

release form

children Nasal drops in a bottle made of polyethylene 10 ml, in a cardboard box

Nasal spray dosage (200 doses) in a glass bottle with a spray volume of 30 ml, in a cardboard box


70 ml of purified water

30 ml of sea water (Adriatic Sea)

Cl-ions - 5.5 mg / ml

Na ions - 2.5 mg / ml

sulfate ions - 0.6 mg/ ml

Mg-ions - 0.35 mg / ml

Ca ions - 0.08 mg / ml

dyes, preservatives and stabilizers of the drug are not included!

mechanism of action

Aqua Maris Aqua Maris drops

accurately and gently clean the surface of the nasal mucosa of the child by dissolving mucus and its subsequent removal.This avoids micro traumas and bleeding in the mechanical cleaning.Moreover, the ions of trace elements such as selenium and zinc, saturated with mucosa, increasing its local resistance to pathogenic microorganisms.Magnesium and calcium stimulates cilia cubic epithelium of the nasal cavity to active work.In this way, the whole street dust with bacteria and viruses from the air of the active filter and delayed by the cilia, which prevent the penetration of infection in the lower respiratory tract.Due to this risk of SARS and other infections.air-borne dust and airborne paths is reduced significantly.Aqua Maris Kids can be used without any harm for a long time.

advantages over conventional Aqua Maris drops:

Conventional nasal drops containing a vasoconstrictor components that cropped runny nose due to spasms veins of the nasal mucosa.But after 3-5 days the vessel walls are getting used to this effect, and the drug becomes ineffective.Moreover, when long-term causes such privykaemost that after discontinuation of the drug may develop chronic rhinitis as a side effect.Drops of the Aqua Maris Children do not have spazmiruyutsya action on the blood vessels of the mucous membrane, thus can be used for a long time and without adverse effects.They also do not cause dryness in the nose and the associated burning and irritation.

obschestimuliruyuschemu With its protective effect and nasal drops Aqua Maris Kids can be used not only for treatment but also for prevention of diseases of respiratory infections in the autumn and spring.

Indications: prevention and treatment of all diseases of the nasopharynx, including vasomotor and allergic rhinitis.


Children aged less than 1 year the drug was instilled 2 drops in each nostril, 3 times a day.Children older than 1 year to 7 years is recommended Aqua Maris Children as a spray by one click for each nasal passage three times a day.And the children of 7 years and over by pressing 2 for each nostril up to 6 times a day.Adult optimally produce 2 injection of 4 to 8 times per day.For relief of symptoms is sufficient treatment in 3-4 weeks.To prevent recurrence, it is desirable in a month after the end of the first course to repeat it.

For prevention: during mass outbreaks of respiratory infections, it is desirable for 7 days, respectively, to carry out burying the child's age.Excess fluid, which is released from the nasal passages, after washing, must be removed with a cotton swab.

side effects.

Aqua Maris Children normally tolerated by patients of all ages.Side effects have not been identified, however, the presence of allergic reactions to the drug components it should not be used.


hypersensitivity to the drug.Aqua Maris children in the form of a spray can not be used for children younger than one year.The drug is also contraindicated in adults when driving vehicles.


No cases have been identified.However, if there are any side effects, seek medical advice.

during pregnancy and lactation.

drug is not contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation.

Storage Children's Aqua Maris.

drops and sprays should be maintained at room temperature and low relative humidity.Shelf life after opening - 45 days.Shelf life of the whole package - 2 years from date of manufacture.After the expiration date the drug is not recommended.

Note: This manual is provided solely for information before taking the medication Aqua Maris Children need to consult a doctor and get acquainted with the original annotation.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov

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