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Do we need still help to visit the pool or it is a useless document?

Do we need still help to visit the pool or it is a useless document? document to the pool, is issued by a medical institution and a specific official document which confirms the status of human health.It is through this document, the person can easily begin to swim in the pool.Such certificate says that the person has no diseases that can be transferred through the water in which floats a large number of very diverse people.

This type of certificate is approved by a Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.It is also necessary to say that each such certificate has a validity period.So from time to time will have to pass again the necessary tests to obtain the necessary documents for swimming.Therefore, there is a certain period of time for which this certificate will be valid and it will be easy to use.To date, this certificate is valid for six months after you have examined the various doctors.But it must be said that tests for the disease as such enterobiasis will need to take a little more often than once every six months.Such assays to this disease will have to

retake every three months.

with the official point of view, this kind of medical certificate issued after the person has passed the required examination in a medical institution.The first pass examination by a physician who makes the most usual full inspection of the whole organism, the so-called general inspection.Next, you need to pass this doctor as a dermatologist, who will look at the purity of the skin.When you need to go, of course, a gynecologist.For women with the need to undergo a general inspection and do special tests in order to check what some infectious diseases.Issue a certificate that allows you to safely swim in the pool, represents a very large number of tests that are done in special laboratories.This is done in order to determine whether a person has a variety of diseases that can be transmitted in the pool.It also checks the blood for the presence of various skin diseases.Investigated assays under which we can identify various pathogens, which may occur in the intestine and so on.So if you need help in a pool, you need to go through a very large number of a wide variety of analyzes.

When you first started to come into the pool, then all the questions you need to ask the administration of the pool to see all the information about the passage of the necessary tests in order to get the right help.

Currently, getting help to the pool is a very complicated and very long-lasting affair that requires a very large amount of time on the passage of a large number of physicians and delivery of a large number of various analyzes.Of course, it is necessary to ensure that people who come to the pool were absolutely sure that they can not become infected with any disease.After all, at the moment there is a very large number of skin diseases, or any other that can easily be transmitted via airborne droplets way.Of course, for people who do not suffer from any kinds of diseases and are completely healthy and strong, to obtain such a certificate will not take a lot of time and will not create a lot of problems.Therefore, having received the necessary medical documents, the person can easily enjoy spending time in the pool.

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author of the publication: Valery Samoylov

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