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Selecting mixture for infants

No other manufacturer has not created such an infant formula that could fully replace breast milk.However, in life there are times when you simply need to transfer the baby to create an artificial feeding or mixed feeding of breast milk and infant formula.If the parents are faced with this fact, for them arises another question: what mixture choose for your child?

What types of mixtures are

Today on sale there are many types of infant formula from different manufacturers, they all meet certain quality standards, however, and differ in some characteristics for use.Below we present the main types of infant formula, different in composition and content of certain substances and components.

Adapted mixture

These mixtures of their components are most appropriate mother's milk, but exceptions are biologically active substances that are missing.In this case, the ratio chosen optimally mixtures of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.The basis for the production of such mixtures is part

ially skimmed not fully skimmed or skimmed cow's milk.To adapt the protein in the mixture processed milk is mixed with demineralized Syrovatko.Thus nourishing blend seamlessly enriched proteins albumin and globulins, and crude protein casein is significantly reduced.

With such technologies adapted artificial feeding is as close in composition to human milk.So thoracic child learns it much better.It should also be noted that the amino acid composition adapted mixture of their relationship as close to the amino acid composition of breast milk, which also contributes to good mastering his baby.If you think of all this in figures, it turns out that in the adapted mixtures of proteins is 1.8 - 2.1%, at the same time in breast milk, the ratio was - 0.9-1.3%.

To increase the content of essential polyunsaturated acids in the mixture to its levels in breast milk -zhivotnye milk fats are replaced by vegetable.For example, in an artificial mixture of the content is about 15%, and in breast milk - 13.6%.Enriches the mixture and carbohydrates, to also bring them closer in composition to human milk.The mixture of - 7.5% in human milk - 7.26%.To maintain a healthy gut microflora in the newborn, in a mixture of lactose is added.

Almost all adapted formulas contain all the useful trace elements, minerals and vitamins, which contributes to the healthy growth and proper development of the baby.Usually these mixtures are concentrated in such a ratio that can absorb the body of the child.Not less important in blends and materials such as bifidobacteria, lysozyme and taurine.Each of these elements has an important role, but they all have protective factors.One very important matter is taurine.This material is simply irreplaceable for the baby in the first months of his life, as favored by the formation of brain tissue.retina, thus it helps to break down fats.Manufacturers of similar synthetic blends are "Nan", "MCA" and "Nutrilon".

Casein form blends or less adapted food

basis for casein mixture is skimmed cow's milk in a dry form.Its main protein casein and unlike the above-described compounds in a given food is not added dairy Syrovatka deminiralizirovannaya.According to its protein composition is the food is not too close to breast milk, but the content of vitamins and other substances are not inferior adapted formulas and even breast milk.The most well-known manufacturers such mixtures - "Enfamil", "Empress" and "Similac".

partially adapted artificial mixture

Components of such mixtures are only slightly closer to breast milk, with the foundation of demineralised whey is not included.The fat composition is also fully corresponds to the composition of breast milk, but lactose and sucrose are present necessarily.In certain quantity contained in the mixture and starch.The most well-known brand manufacturers - "The Kid" and "Baby."

Milk substitutes starting

These substitutes are meant for babies from the first day of life.Those mixtures which are marked "1" - used for babies from 0 to 6 months.Manufacturers "Nutrilon 1", "NAS-1" and the like.

If the packaging of infant formula is indicated by the number "2" means food intended for infants from six months.The composition of such a mixture usually has a higher protein content, since it needs to be grown baby has more.the basis for such mixtures is whole milk powder and their composition is already refers to partially adapt.Manufacturers - "hippies - 2," "Enfamil - 2."

"C grade"

artificial mixtures of this type are marked in different ways from different manufacturers.Some are marked for children from 10 months, but the greater part of a year.Typically such mixtures are fermented composition or in other words acidophilic.However, we note that it is not yogurt.In most cases, this food prescribed for children who have intestinal problems, such as constipation.

infant formula

These mixtures can be immediately divided into two types - a specialized and standard.The first embodiment is designed primarily for premature children who have very small weight, intestinal problems, allergic reactions and other abnormalities.In many cases, food for premature infants should be specific.Often, breast milk is replaced with mixtures of "Pre-Bon", "Enfalak" or "Nenatal."Such mixtures are not only conducive to the rapid increase in weight baby, but his body is saturated with nutrients and trace elements.However, the use of mixtures of a clear possible only under medical supervision.

For those kids who are allergic to cow's milk protein from, food is replaced by a mixture of soy, such as - "Bon-soy", "Nutri-soy", "Bona-soy".However, the need to replace the power supply in case of emergency.If a child lactase deficiency, for it has a special mixture, such as "Al-110" or "Nutrilon".There are cases when newborn babies develop anemia, in which case you can feed him special mixtures, for example "Enfamil with iron."However, children less than three months, such a mixture is not recommended.

Sales have special mixtures in which a protein passes a certain treatment.They are healing, and do not cause allergies in children.Famous brand - "Pregestimil" and "Nutramigen."it should be noted that all blends are sold in two forms - a liquid and a powder.The second option is bought more often, as the shelf life of powder mixtures much more, and they cost less.When this liquid mixture only need to heat up and are ready for use.The most popular - "Agu-1", "Baby" and "Baby-Milk."

Always remember that any artificial mixture - this is just a substitute for breast milk, which is used as a last resort.Picks it should only be a leading pediatrician, taking into account the special child of his age, weight and height, the state of the intestines and many other factors.Taking into account all the points pediatrician can pick exactly the mix that will contribute to the development and growth of the baby and will not cause his allergy.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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