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Children's Corner in the garden

Children current trend - when the country house and land for him becomes a young family with young children, and is a priority for them not to grow vegetables for sale, and the fresh air and open space for the physical development of children.The site is not left abandoned, it grows flowers, berries and fruit trees, herbs and all the horticultural crops that do not require significant care for them.A noticeable part of the space allocated for children's entertainment.

which elements will be presented at the playground near the country house - depends on the age and number of children in the family.If a child is one and he from one to three years, the parents tend to put a decorative plastic sandbox, a small inflatable pool, sometimes a plastic house in the growth of the child.

If the child is between three and five, and several of them, near the house there is a swing, slides, inflatable pool larger.For children older than five good football or basketball court with rings for balls, rope ladder, a higher hill

, hanging tire.In general, the device area for older children largely depends on their interests: it is possible to do and a real pirate ship with sails and an astronomical laboratory, and a platform for speeches.Well, if the arrangement of a children's corner will be together with the children.

important that vegetation is available on the plot, do not interfere, but rather helped the playground to be comfortable and secure.Well, if it grows near the average height of a tree with dense foliage - it will provide shade.From wind and dust to protect children playing planted around the perimeter of the bush.On the site itself is to alternate areas with grass and sand areas.

To most children with childhood accustomed to work and loved to work on the ground, good for them to allocate a separate flower bed, where they can put whatever they want, and take care of the planted.Where else, if not in the garden, to instill in children a love for the land and nature?On the site you can equip and children's "workshop" - a table with a chair and a locker, where are the creative tools.In this sense, the infield is much more convenient space for creative experimentation than a city apartment.

himself a children's corner, of course, must be in place sufficiently protected both from the direct sunlight and wind.It must be clearly visible from the holiday home to parents always monitor what is happening.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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