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every parent interested in the question whether enough is developing well their child is especially important to monitor these rates in the first year of growing newborn.Are taken into account as the mental and physical performance.Of course, every baby has its own growth and development, but all the same there are certain averages specific to a particular age group.And if at some point the kid growing up missing one or more skills, which he must have in his age, and his weight is very different from his peers, then it is useful to show the baby specialist.


• Birth.The average growth of the newborn is 500-510 mm, its weight is 3 300-3500, with the skull circumference 34-36 cm, chest circumference reaches 320-340 mm.Newborn baby should react to light and sound, his reflexes are present, such as blinking, sucking, grasping, swallowing.At this stage of self-control his body, to change its position, the child still does not know how.Being in the vertical bar, and lying on his stomach, the b

aby is not able to keep his head, but lying on his back, he can turn his neck to the side.

• 1 month.With the growth of 530-540 mm and a weight of 4 100-4 300 g baby has a capacity of 360-363 mm in the chest and head circumference on average 366-373 mm.At this stage, while in the vertical position, grudnichok may already hold the head in a few seconds in one go, while lying on his stomach, he tends to pick it up.The reaction to the loud response, abrupt movements of adult, baby reflexively waving hands, compresses cams - Moro reflex.Observed at this age, and reflex movements legs.

• 2 months.Bi grudnichok must dial 5000 - 5300 g, and achieve growth 560-580 mm.The circumference of the skull of the child should be 384-390, breast - 381-391 mm.The baby will turn his head freely to interested parties and holds his neck upright more than a minute.Being in the position on his stomach, he raises not only the head, but the chest department.The child reacts to bright objects, grabs and pinches the moving objects in their hands.

• 3 months.The weight of the baby three months of life is an average of 6 000-6 300 g, and the growth of its index reaches 590-610 mm.Circle thoracic grudnichka at this age - 400-413 mm and 400-409 mm golovy-.From position on the stomach, the baby can rest on your elbows and forearms, as well as to move from the back to the side.Movement of the child 3 months of life, uncoordinated, but they it can be a reaction to moving objects.Child pulls toys and diapers, taking a finger in her mouth.Positively responds to the presence of adults, emotionally responsive to their voice, and focusing on attention, your child has a complex animation.

• 4 months.The four child reaches 620-640 mm and 6 500-6 900 Bust baby is 418-420 mm and the circumference of the skull - 410-419 mm.The head of the kid is raised even when he was lying on his back, legs seek support if you put it vertically.The baby is already able to sit in the presence of support and lying on her hands lifted.The child at this stage of development is closely following the details, watching the toys over the bed, grabs and keeps small items, pulls everything into his mouth and trying to taste.

• 5 months.The kid has a height of 640-680 mm, and weight - 7400 -7800 g, head circumference - 422-432 mm, the volume of the breast - 430-443 mm.With support grudnichok at this age can sit, but hold back even more can not.With support, he also knows how to stand on the legs, on their own trying to turn over from the back to the stomach can hold and long considered interesting objects.There is also a clear reaction to the voice and intonation recognition mother wariness of strangers.

• 6 months.Six-month-baby has a growth of 660-700 mm and its weight varies between 7 700-8 000, the volume of his head reaches 432-442 mm, and breast - 443-445 mm.At this age grudnichok sit alone can not hold back support, and freely change the position of the body, turn around from the back to the sides and belly.With support, the kid gets up and makes the steps, trying to make an independent move on all fours.It also makes manipulation with toys and other objects, they can swing, move from place to place.The six-month grudnichok publishes first intelligible syllables and asks for arms.

• 7 months.With the growth of 680-710 mm baby weighs about 6 600-7 000 g, his head circumference is 440-448, and the volume of the thoracic - 450-464 mm.The baby at this stage alone for long periods sitting, crawling, can control the body, to rise to his knees and holding support, goes through the legs.The child responds to his own reflection in the mirror surfaces, smiling loved ones, know called adults subjects.

• 8 months.Eight-age kid says such indicators: weight - 8 500-9 500 g, height - 700-720 mm, the circumference of the skull - 443-454 mm, chest circumference - 460-472 mm.Clutching the railing cots, baby itself is able to get up and take the first steps.It is already well-claps, showing surprise and interest in the new surroundings and environment, pays a lot of attention and time toys.

• 9 months.Growth of the baby reaches the indicator 710-730 mm, its weight increases to 9 300-9 900 g, his head circumference is 453-463 mm, the volume of the thoracic fluctuates within 467-479 mm.A child stands without support, he gets up, and grasping the support tends to go.It can also climb on a small hill, collect small details to implement the recommendations of an adult.The kid at that age already knows how to recognize and point to the name of an adult subject, recognize its color and size, to respond to his name, as well as to distinguish the command such as "Go", "Stop", "Take" and others.

• 10 months.Age, that the child meets with a weight of 9 500-10 400 g, height - 720-740 mm, head circumference - 456-466 mm and the volume of the breast - 470-483 mm.Independently child can, getting up and moving to a sitting position, walk with support, to imitate the movements and behavior of adults.He had to perform more complex actions, he utters the first words, their sounds refers to individual objects or actions.

• 11 months.At this stage the growing weight of the baby is 10 100-10 700 g, height - 730-750 mm, the circumference of the skull - 460-469 mm, and chest circumference - 477-487 mm.There is a good children's orientation in space of the eleventh month of life, they perform actions such as slopes, walking without support.The kid is already showing the parts of the body and the items mentioned by an adult, affirmative or negative respond to a request or question, has a good coordination of the fingers.

• 12 months.One year old child has a weight of about 10 100-10 700 g, height - 740-760 mm, head circumference - 460-472 mm, the volume of the breast - 477-490 mm.Kid twelve months should be able to walk to come to the call, to squat, to straighten without help from the outside, lift the toy is tilted torso file separate adult subjects.The vocabulary of the child at this stage of growing up is about ten words.Kid tries to dress himself, wash with interest the behavior of birds and animals.

author of the publication: Alice Egorov

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