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Envelope for the newborn with their hands

Envelope is the first newborn baby clothes at discharge from the hospital, which is why you need to choose it very carefully.It can be purchased in the store, but if you decide to create this thing with your own hands - you can choose the material that will show you the best, invest in the created thing its warmth and care to choose the option that is right for you.So what should pay attention?

Envelope for newborn usually is the first opportunity to show the child's family and friends, this is the first baby clothes, and a desire to understand any mother to sew his own hands, to make a unique, not like the others.Often this is the first photos of chips, the memory for years to come.The desire to try his hand in the creation of this thing many visits, the more that make this envelope is not a problem - just have the desire, patience and a little understanding of the pattern.But to show imagination in decorating it is tempting for any mom.

What should be the envelope for a newborn?

First you need to define the purpose.If you sew the envelope to be discharged from the hospital - you should make it a bright and festive, decorate with ribbons and lace.You can experiment a bit with the style, or choose an unusual pattern - although here the main thing - to observe moderation.If you sew the envelope for the newborn, planning to walk it - special attention should be paid to its convenience for the baby, beauty and originality have to go a second plan, because in this envelope, your baby will spend a lot of time, and his well-being and comfort - the main thing.

Particular attention should be paid to the selection of a suitable material, the respective season and weather conditions.For summer option is to use cotton - air easily passes through it, and your child will not overheat.In the winter, use warm dense tissue to the baby was warm inside.Then your envelope to be discharged will be comfortable in winter, keeping warm even in the harshest weather.

Decorate an envelope can, picking up a beautiful combination of colors, and choose the style depends on your wishes and desires to pick up the unique coloring, which will go exactly to your baby.You can pick up pretty lace, ribbons, or even desired color embroidery.

Sewing envelopes for newborns themselves.

On that same note, if you decide to sew their own envelope?What pattern prefer?The question is not idle.

choosing a pattern, decide for what purpose you sew envelope.Carry the baby in her arms - this is the easiest option.But if you're going for a walk with him, using the envelope and put it in the baby carriage - the back of the envelope should be required to make a pocket peculiar shape - to insert a small mattress.Sami patterns in large enough quantities are available at any site on relevant topics, so the main thing - just to make the right choice.

Pattern - the basis of future success, therefore, first determine it with her.There are quite complex pattern envelopes for newborns that require certain skills of sewing and sophisticated style of the original, there is a fairly simple, even for beginners.You should choose based on their capabilities and desired result.

If desired, you can make an envelope-transformer, which then, when the child grows up, can be converted into a blanket.Of course, this envelope will last longer, because it can be used when the child ceases to be placed in it.Such an envelope for a newborn is different and requires a special sewing patterns.

Summer envelope for the newborn.

Such an envelope, as mentioned above, requires a light fabric - baby's skin needs to breathe and it should not overheat.Typically, a satin - this material does not cause allergies, looks nice, and besides, easy to wash - and this is very significant advantages.But it also has a drawback - it is slippery, and because of this, to keep the child in such an envelope is more complex.

for sewing summer envelopes also use calico, flannel and fleece.You can use any lightweight material, the main thing - it should not irritate the skin and should be hypoallergenic - that is substantially free of substances that can provoke allergic reactions in the baby.

Sami patterns on old envelope usually not complex, with a large selection of different options.

old envelope usually tend to decorate with lace, but it's a matter of personal taste.No less beautiful it looks in the original combination of colors, ribbon or embroidery.

Winter envelope for the newborn.

Tailoring winter envelope requires much more effort.In addition to the convenience of your baby, it should save heat.Therefore, here there is also a more complex pattern, and a more careful selection of fabrics, what is much more difficult to define.

Pattern must be exactly the pattern of the winter envelope and take into account the tailoring of several layers of fabric - external, internal and, if necessary, a heater.

fabric for the outer layer should be warm and dense, here it is difficult to advise something.The range varies in different stores quite strongly.You can choose to weave the fur, plush or flux.The fabric should be energy-efficient, but preferably not heavy.

inner layer is sewed of a light fabric, does not cause allergies and irritation of the skin of the baby, usually used flannel.

As insulation is most often used sintepon, but no worse than serve woolen cloth, feathers or holofayber.Insulation is inserted between the outer and inner layer, creating an extra barrier to the cold.The thickness of the insulation must correspond to the weather conditions, if the winter cold - then it should be increased.During warm winters or spring-autumn period of the layer is reduced.

Warm envelope transformer for the baby.

When the pattern envelope warm-transformer for the newborn as a basis for taking a blanket.At the same time, the material can serve almost any fabric, such as cotton, flannel or calico.The length should pick up on their own, often recommend 150 to 180 cm.

How sewed a winter envelope transformer?You will need, in addition to fabrics, elastic about half meter long and two lightning - the usual length of 20-25 cm, and is completely detachable (50-55 cm).For the basics of pattern quilts take a rectangle 85 by 90 cm, and the pocket will need a piece of fabric 25 by 45 cm. This pocket is needed for insulation, insulation is necessary to choose the desired advance.Pocket sew down the middle from the right side at the bottom of the blanket.Once sewn zipper, split at the bottom of the legs and short - on top of the hood.

Fur envelope for newborns.

very popular among winter version uses fur envelope for newborns.This is understandable - fur warm, it retains heat well, and environmentally friendly.Plans for an envelope of fur is no different from the usual winter pattern envelope.Requirements for the inner layer are preserved, even though the insulation becomes unnecessary.However, to determine the fur will have to go shopping until you pick up suitable option.Although sometimes occurs bias, it is possible to use fake fur, it is no less warm than the present, it is cheaper and represented the best choice.

Sew fur envelope is - an excellent solution if your child was born in the winter.Fur guarantees the preservation of heat when walking, even if it's cold outside.Particular attention should be paid to the size - the child should be comfortable, envelope itself should not be too big or too small.

As for beauty and style - the very use of fur is decorated with amazing product.It is necessary to define the desired color and shade.

Other options envelopes for the newborn.

As an option, it is worth noting, and the ability to make overall envelope for the newborn, which has recently become very popular to use enough.It is much more difficult to manufacture, but the result is well worth it.The complexity of the pattern jumpsuit envelope that hands and feet can be left free and can be closed by turning in a normal winter envelope.Brothers for the production of the envelope is only if you are confident enough in their art cutting and sewing.

can make for a newborn and envelope-blanket.Unlike the previous version, its pattern, on the contrary, is quite simple and requires a minimum of skills.This option can easily be transformed, becoming a blanket, and at the right time quickly become the envelope, for example, before going out.Envelope-sew quilt takes a little time, and this thing is very convenient.

Alternatively, you can sew a cover for the baby cocoon.It is particularly suitable for discharge.But the cocoon envelope suitable for very crumbs as blocking arms and legs.In all other cases it is better to choose something else.

Pros self-tailoring.

course, the envelope for a newborn and you can buy - but do such a thing compared with made with their own hands?Yes, and such purchase is not always rational thing can be expensive and inferior in quality made by yourself.Furthermore, it can not completely match the season, be warm enough or, conversely, too hot.Only you can choose the option that is ideal for your baby.

If you poshete envelope for yourself - you will be sure that your thing truly unique.You can try to make your design talent, to do a thing is not only convenient, but also stylish.

Envelope for a newborn is not difficult in sewing is required for walking, and it's just one of the first things your child, which must be made with great care.

not know where to start?Find tenderloin, consider the style, choose a fabric - and then only your hard work, time and perseverance.Decorate it can be the selection of fabrics of different colors, lace and ribbons.

Sew yourself and you must succeed.You can use long enough this thing - not only at discharge - as well and walks with his beloved crumbs.It will be an integral part of the wardrobe of the baby.When the child grows up - an envelope can be used as the Fleece Blankets.This thing will stay at home, as a memory of love and care for your baby.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva