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How to prepare for a wedding "in the position»

«Pregnant» wedding today is more a rule than an exception to it.Many couples live together without thinking about official registration of relations, as long as learn about pregnancy.If that is the case, keep in mind that the preparation and carrying out of weddings "in the state" has its own characteristics.Chief among them - the fence of the bride from all the hassle, worry and nerves.

Pregnancy is not a disease

We never tire of repeating: Pregnancy - not a disease.So do not deny yourself the realization of dreams and plans.If your ideal - Wedding in Thailand, please pack your bags.Or if you have been dreaming about a wide festival for 500 people - Wellcome, call.Especially, if you find yourself feeling great.And even if you're already the ninth month of pregnancy, then in any case it is impossible to deny themselves the performance desires.The memory of this event in any case you keep for life, so whether or not limited to just "let's write

out" in the registry office?Organize the wedding of your dreams, and your child will be the most reliable "witness" your happiness.

Especially that pregnancy has its own rewards.As you know, under the law of the filing of an application for registration before the actual marriage registration must undergo a month.However, the official inquiry about your particular situation, you can take your gynecologist, reducing these times to seconds.That is, you do not have to wander to the registrar twice.In the solemn day, you can jump the queue to apply, and you immediately will paint.This is useful if you are still planning to go to the registrar together and arrange the banquet beautiful psevdoregistratsiyu.

dress, makeup and hair

buy the dress, we suggest no earlier than two weeks before the celebration.But two days before the event you need to try it again and make sure it still sits perfectly and never presses.The fact that weight gain at all occur in many ways, and many women since the first months, diffuse in the waist and hips.These are the laws of nature, and no one diet will not help you stay "in shape".Especially, if your wedding is planned for the second or third trimester, when the volume of the stomach increases every day.

As for the models, then turn your attention to the free styles.For example, a dress with a high waist or cut, A-line dresses.Strapless accentuate shoulders and dresses with V-neck let look slimmer.Ideally, if your choice will fall on dresses from natural (cotton, silk, linen) or mixed fabrics (cotton velvet, batiste, crepe de Chine).

If you are not willing to devote public in your secret, then drape the abdomen pleats, darts, multi-layered and three-dimensional decorations.

Hair must also be "free".No hoops dense hair and tight rubber bands.This can cause a headache.It is best to try and hairstyle and make-up in advance.Thus, it is possible to find out whether you comfortable in this manner, and whether allergy to cosmetic products.

Accessories & Footwear

main part of the evening to you, of course, is to take place in shoes without heels or with a heel 3 cm. Naturally, for a photo shoot, you can take the classic studs, but they all go to a wedding you will be hard.Or another option - the table you sit in comfortable shoes, and contests and the guests go out in a beautiful high heels.By the way, better to distribute new shoes before the wedding.

We also recommend purchase compression stockings - they remove the burden on the feet and not give them much to swell.

And that during the exchange of rings was not embarrassment, it is better to buy the size of half a size or more.The fact that the body of a pregnant woman has the ability to swell and, therefore, "the hour of X", this symbol of love and fidelity can not nalezt your swollen finger.

Banquet and toastmaster

Unfortunately, the future mothers get tired very quickly.Therefore contracts with leading, to leave you alone, and ask mom or girlfriends have you different errands.If the banquet hall will be found a small corner, where the bride can periodically rest, it will be very helpful.

Do not overdo it during the photo sessions.Remember, of course you are not sick, but if all the reserve forces will be spent on the pose, the rest of the evening you will spend in a broken state.

Try not to eat spicy and fatty food - it can cause nausea, heartburn or bloating.With regard to alcohol, the place next to him two glasses: a nice glass of champagne you'll clink glasses with the guests during the toast, and the rest of the time drink water or juice.

Make sure that the room is well ventilated.Especially, if your wedding is taking place on a hot day.Pregnant requires twice more oxygen.Agree faint light overshadow the bride on the wedding day.


maximum protect yourself from all the worries and organizational hassles.If your budget allows, hire professionals.For example, if you dream of a wedding in Thailand, the specialists of the agency «Wonderful-wedding» ( ) ready to offer you a wedding as a ready script, and individual project.You simply send an email with the wishes, and then in the process of communication will be developed your personal plan.

If you can not pay the wedding agency, ask your mom or friend to help you with the organization.Firstly, pregnant women are more scattered, and secondly, the strength you need at the wedding.

Finally, just relax and have fun.Even if your wedding is ultimately pass is not perfect, in a few years you will just laugh, remembering all the embarrassments.And now you're pregnant, and you need only positive emotions.

author of the publication: Irina Sharova

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