Diseases of pregnancy

Sukrovichnye isolation during pregnancy

Vaginal inherent to every woman on her life's journey.However, when pregnancy occurs, the nature of these secretions can be somewhat changed.Normal allocation should be thick and whitish during the first trimester, which is explained by high activity of progesterone.In the second trimester allocation should be transparent, as the first place there is a hormone called estrogen.Anyway, all the women certainly aware that allocation interspersed with blood during pregnancy can not mean anything good.If their appearance is an urgent need to call an ambulance.What threatens the emergence of spotting during pregnancy?

Sukrovichnye discharge during pregnancy, how to look sukrovichnye selection

When sukrovichnye isolation - this is normal

selection with ichor during pregnancy may be an option normal state.In practice, such cases are rare, and this may not please the expectant mothers.As a general rule, selection of brownish color is nothing but a harbinger of threats to pregnancy.

However, this does not mean that in all cases without exception, should be worried.The most common s

ukrovichnye allocation within the norms can be observed when it comes to early pregnancy, when a woman does not even know what is in the "interesting situation."Around the middle of the second week after conception takes place the egg into the uterus, where it precipitates.In order to properly attach to the uterine epithelium, it is necessary to "scraping" of the cell, thereby making an impromptu "hole."This process is often accompanied by a small amount of brown discharge or sukrovichnyh sometimes see women as premature monthly.

egg implants can last for several days, as the activity of this process is not always the same.It is considered a normal situation in which an early date seen a small selection of blood that can be repeated a few days later.

During the first trimester sukrovichnye discharge may appear in the days when pregnancy occurred before menstruation.With this statement, not all experts agree.Now, some will argue that the 4-5, 8-9, and 11-12 weeks can be considered a so-called critical periods, which are characterized by an increased risk to the fetus.Call the bleeding that occurs at this time, so can not be normal.

Sometimes sukrovichnye discharge observed at the end of pregnancy - at this time moves mucus plug.With all of this from the vagina starts to secrete mucus, with this can occur as a whole "piece", and in small portions.It is able to contain a small bloody blotches.But should not be afraid, because the discharge of mucus plug indicates that deliveries will begin in the very near future.

When sukrovichnye isolation - it's bad

can worry that if sukrovichnye allocation accompanied by any other symptoms or do not fail under any of the above conditions.Pathological causes of this situation, there are a huge number:

threatened abortion.If there is a threat, then the embryo is torn away from the uterus, and this process is usually accompanied by the release of a certain amount of blood.This process can not be expressed, in which case the selection color brown or they sukrovichnye.The vast majority of cases, timely recourse in this situation shows that you can continue the pregnancy.Moreover, you can even avoid hospitalization and to observe some rules at home: eliminate manual labor, to abstain from sex, warn any thermal effect on the pelvis and abdomen.

missed abortion.The embryo can be both freeze in early pregnancy that triggers a miscarriage.Sometimes the situation requires intervention specialists.Confirmation of fading can be obtained after passing the US, but even in this case should not hurry to act.In practice, cases are cases when because of old equipment and diagnose the quite healthy embryos were killed.For this reason, we strongly recommend you double-check the results of the analysis on multiple machines.

Ectopic pregnancy.It sukrovichnye allocation is considered one of the first and most important symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.As soon as there are suspicions in this respect, it should immediately do an ultrasound.Confirmation of the diagnosis will mean the need for abortion, and the sooner this is done, the better.

placenta previa.The low placenta previa is called.Due to the fact that the placenta will rub on the cervix will be observed sukrovichnye isolation in small volumes.

Placental abruption.Very often, when pregnancy is nearing its end, there is a detachment of the placenta.The reason for this can be considered a tear that occurs at the site of attachment of the placenta, that provokes the discharge of blood, and if the process is not expressed, it appears ichor.This condition is considered to be dangerous, and you definitely need hospitalization.

Premature birth.Speaking about the later stages of pregnancy, the threat of its use interrupts the phrase "premature birth".This process may be accompanied by secretions ichor.An urgent need to go to hospital because the early reaction to an event often helps to prevent the terrible consequences.

Cervical erosion.This is a fairly common phenomenon observed in gynecology, but it can be cured only after the birth will take place.

Genital infections.During gestation this reason rarely becomes relevant, because usually a pregnant woman runs at the beginning of the study period, and then only leads orderly sex life.But completely discard such an option is not necessary.Various infections are accompanied by different symptoms, including a rash on the genitals and the anus, itching sensation and a strong burning sensation, unpleasant odor wafting from the vaginal discharge, fever, etc.

What should I do?

establish the causes sukrovichnyh discharge during pregnancy is highly likely - this is a task for the gynecologist, but he can say anything for sure only after the ultrasound will be done.Ultrasound can help in determining the site of attachment of the embryo and the identification of his heart.In addition, it shows the location of the placenta and other nuances important in this case.

As soon as you notice that began sukrovichnye isolation during pregnancy, immediately go to the doctor.

When you need to call an ambulance?

sometimes take something needed urgently:

if sukrovichnymi secretions with increased body temperature;
sukrovichnyh after discharge starts bleeding;
if there is severe pain after sukrovichnyh secretions and she gives into the rectum.

In any of these situations immediately call an ambulance, and soon go to her and gently lift the leg.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev