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Serous meningitis in children - symptoms and treatment

Serous meningitis in children serous meningitis - a disease in which inflamed lining of the brain, inflammation occurs rapidly with viruses, bacteria and even fungi.Yet in most cases, about 80% of cases the cause is inflammation are viruses.Most often this disease affects children between the ages of 3 - to 6 - year old.Slightly less serous meningitis in children shkonogo age and even less fixed in adults.

main signs serous meningitis is quite identical to the symptoms of meningitis of another etiology, and it is primarily an intense headache, nausea and frequent vomiting.Viral meningitis is characterized by sudden onset of the disease, and the consciousness of the patient does not change, and the recovery is fast enough.Diagnosis of the disease is established on the basis of PCR analysis, collecting cerebrospinal fluid and other inspection and research.

patients with serous meningitis protivovirusovuyu prescribed therapy, which includes a variety of protivovirusovye, analgesics and antipyretic drugs.In the event that a type of

meningitis is not defined, and the patient's condition does not improve, he was prescribed antibiotics overall impact, in order to neutralize all potential pathogens.

causes of serous meningitis

In most cases, aseptic meningitis triggered entevirusami ECHO or Coxsackie - viruses.In rare cases, the cause could serve as adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Bar, arenaviruses, and the mumps virus.In some cases, aseptic meningitis may occur as a result of complications from diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, measles, or formed as a result of HIV infection.If meningitis is the result of bacteriological effects in the brain gets the virus envelope and then there is a purulent inflammation.

Currently serous outbreak of viral meningitis in children increased considerably, so we will describe the existing serous meningitis caused by viruses, the symptoms of these diseases, as well as the spread of the disease.As a result of the disease serous meningitis in the brain of the patient formed by serous effusion.The substance accumulates in the membranes of the brain, impregnates them and thickens.Thus there is brain swelling.The outflow of cerebrospinal fluid is difficult, significantly increased intracranial pressure.

Viral purulent serous meningitis of bacterial different in that there is no massive exudation of brain cells, in other words they do not die.That is why viral meningitis is less dangerous than bacterial, it prevents severe complications and in most cases can be successfully treated.

serous meningitis symptoms, ways of infection and the incubation period

When the flow of serous viral meningitis, the incubation period lasts 2-4 days.There are several ways of contracting the disease, depending on the type of agent.In that case, if the pathogen serous meningitis is based in the mucosa of the respiratory tract, then it is passed people around the air - droplets.The patient passes viral infection cough or sneeze, a healthy person breathes contaminated air and thus ill.

Another way of infection - by contact.In this case, the causative agent of the disease is on the mucosa of the eyes, on the surface of the wound or skin.The patient touches the subjects of public and leaves a pathogen germs.A healthy person can get through these things, either through direct contact with patients - touching his skin.That is why you should always wash their hands after visiting public places, wash vegetables thoroughly before eating and personal hygiene.

Currently, there are often outbreaks of serous meningitis is in the summer.This is due to the fact that the disease is easily transmitted through water.The most common in children who swim in waters recorded serous meningitis caused by enterovirus.The biggest surge in the disease accounts for the summer season, and the general population that it is exposed to - a school and preschool children.Not a small percentage of patients are people with weakened immune systems and those who have recently suffered a severe illness.This infection is transmitted to others, not only from a sick person, but also on the support of meningitis infections, the immune system which overcame her.

Symptoms of viral meningitis serous

Once passed the incubation period for meningitis, the symptoms first appear: sharply increased body temperature up to 40 ° C, which is held 3 - 4 days.Then she falls, but can rise.Thus the temperature is held at two intervals, but in the form of light meningitis it can pass a wave.One of the unpleasant symptoms of aseptic meningitis is a severe headache.It is hardly removed even with the help of painkillers, and the sudden noise, eye movement and loud sound is amplified even more.

When the disease in children, there may be leg cramps, increased irritability and tearfulness.All this is accompanied by a general malaise and weakness, intoxication syndrome, pain in the muscles and the whole body.Quite often nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and loss of appetite.When seasonal meningitis may manifest some symptoms of SARS - cough, runny nose or sore throat.Significantly increases the sensitivity of all organs - sight, hearing, skin.Very sensitive to sudden noises, bright lights, and even touching the skin.

patient feels much better in half black and quiet environment.For example, a sick child in bed lying on his side, pinning his legs to his stomach and his hands to his chest.This throws back her head back.In infants is often observed bulging of the fontanelle, and if it is lifted vertically, sick kid presses the legs to the abdomen.Pediatric patients with serous meningitis often there are small disturbances, drowsiness or stunned.Thus muscles are excessive voltage, which is also a symptom of serous meningitis.

- Kernig - bent leg does not bend open at a right angle.

- Symptom Brudzinskogo

- upper: when bending the neck involuntarily bent legs.

- lower: in extension of one leg - involuntarily bend the other.

should be noted that serous viral meningitis in children occurs rather quickly and the temperature has normalized for 5 - day.Very rarely can occur a second wave of increase in temperature.The duration of illness is about 10 days, and then she disappears.In those cases when there are disorders of consciousness, diagnosis should be completely revised and re-conduct a full investigation.

serous meningitis symptoms may be expressed in varying degrees, sometimes they are combined with other organ.Very often, the symptoms of this disease are confused with symptoms of meningeal form of tick-borne encephalitis.This disease also is seasonal in nature and affects both children and adults.

treatment of serous meningitis in children

every parent needs to know that at the smallest suspicion of disease is serous meningitis, an urgent need to call your child "first aid" to gostapilizatsiey child.Due to the fact that aseptic meningitis is triggered by certain viruses, the use of antibiotics is ineffective.However, antibiotics can be administered if absolutely impossible to put an accurate diagnosis.Treatment of viral meningitis in children requires the use of antiviral drugs such as interferon or arpetol.

if detected meningitis triggered by the herpes virus or Epstein-Barr virus, is used for its treatment drug acyclovir.For people with weakened immune systems, as well as infants needed antiviral therapy with intravenous immunoglobulin.If you want to reduce intracranial pressure - patients received diuretics, such as furosemide, or Lasix.

In more complex cases, doctors prescribe an introduction to the vein isotonic saline solutions which are able to reduce intoxication.It Ringer gemodez, albumin and glucose.In order to substantially reduce headache and reduce intracranial pressure therapeutic procedure performed lumbar puncture.If the child's temperature stays over 38C, it is assigned a variety of antipyretics such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

The set of measures for the treatment of meningitis include reception antihistamines, which not only reduce the heat, but also relieve symptoms.Most of all - it tavegil, suprastin, zodak and tsetrin.If the patient has convulsions, to correct them using drugs or domosedan seduksen.During treatment, patients can enjoy full peace and quiet, the room should be half black, so that the patient is not irritated glare or harsh sounds.

In case the cause of meningitis are bacterial infections, antibiotics are used to treat the total exposure.It is also used vitamin with mandatory inclusion of vitamin C, B6, B2 and cocarboxylase.As an adjuvant therapy is the treatment with oxygen, or in other words - oxygen therapy.Proper and timely treatment of serous meningitis in adults and children ensures a rapid and full recovery without complications.Unlike the septic forms, serous meningitis are not severe and prolonged, they are easily treated and completely tested.

author of the publication: Margarita Ignatova

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