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Baby Strollers

The first transport of the child - a stroller.It baby spends a lot of time.Therefore, strollers for children are selected carefully and are suitable for this process responsibly.Strollers can be purchased from the comfort of home, the online store

Strollers: types

Modern pushchairs differ set of functions,quality materials and, of course, cost.But still they can be divided into several basic types.

  • Classic, with cradles.They are designed for children aged up to six months.The child in this period sleeps a lot and does not know how to sit.This option will be very comfortable for both children and parents.Among the absolute convenience of this model can be identified dampers, transfer function cradle, adjustable headrest.But over time, the child grows up, then you will need another vehicle.
  • Wheelchair-transformer.Its main advantage is the ability to easily change the prone position to a sitting and vice versa.It easily folds
    as possible to remove the wheels.This option is suitable for older children.But it may come up and the newborn if it is the cradle.
  • modular stroller.They are intended for children under three years.The point of the wheelchair is in units that vary depending on the age.
  • Walking model and buggies.They are the light and are a summer version.
  • Special carriages for twins or triplets.Now they are supplemented with the latest amenities and at the same time can be quite easy.The most popular three-wheeled strollers and type "train."

Useful features of modern wheelchairs

In fact, each manufacturer offers a host of features that significantly added convenience, such as:

  • shock absorbers with coil springs that will help to overcome obstacles;
  • adjustable handle;
  • mode wheel lock for added security;
  • summer and winter tires;
  • possible presence of synchronous rotation of the front wheels;
  • adjustment of the back;
  • adjustable footrest;
  • safety belt is better with 5 points for fixing the other.

addition to the above there are many additional features that depend on the model chosen.For example, there are buggies to which you can attach the skis or models with automatic control systems.In addition, these functions are very easy to use and safe for the baby.

selection criteria

Strollers today are huge scope for choice.The models from different manufacturers have their own characteristics, from the color and finishing techniques to achieve the security of movement.

to choose the right stroller, you need to first of all focus on the child's age, lifestyle and living conditions.It is from these criteria and have to choose the "mini-trucks".

Strollers: tips when choosing

First you need to pay attention to important detail - the wheels.They should be large, wide tread.For better maneuverability, you can choose a model with three or more wheels.Thus it is necessary to check all the fasteners, smoothness of the stroller as a whole and amortization.You also need to know what the width of the elevator and the runners in the hallway, not to miscalculate choice.

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author of the publication: Anna Kulikova