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Heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy

Long 9 months of gestation for any woman accompanied by a mass testing.They can start at the beginning of pregnancy.One such strength test should be called occurrence of discomfort in the stomach.Even if you do not overeat, and excluded from the diet difficult to grasp the food, the stomach may ache and swell, as if you swallowed the ball.At the same time, may annoy many unpleasant symptoms, which together form one not very pleasant diagnosis - toxicosis.

Heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy, gravity in the abdomen during pregnancy

point is everyday

It is possible that you become associated with pain in the stomach of any possible disease.Such symptoms often scare expectant mothers, but in reality it is not so sad.Of course, a normal discharge such condition should not be attributed, because in an ideal situation should not occur discomfort.Nevertheless, heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy is considered to be quite a common thing.In addition, there are many causes of this state, and they are all quite natural.

Throughout the entire period of gestation heaviness in th

e stomach can occur for several reasons, and they are all, without exception, due to the fact that there is a natural development of the baby.Mom just have to come to terms with the new circumstances.

well known that conception marks the beginning of many changes in a woman's body, and they may affect the work of all without exception, organs and systems.First, reduced immunity, which occurs due to an increase in the blood concentration of the hormone estrogen.Immediately thereafter changes begin to occur in the stomach, in particular, increases the acidity level and intensified production of gastric juices and enzymes.In addition, become active enough flavor and olfactory receptors, and it is quite frequent retching and vomiting, accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and swelling in the stomach.

Without exception, all the processes described above result in the fact that developing toxemia, and he is able to manifest itself in the appearance of stomach pains and feeling of heaviness.Especially the woman uncomfortable every time after a meal was committed, even with the small amount of food consumed.Stomach Feels bursting from within, which is accompanied by breathing difficulties and the emergence of the urge to vomit.The feeling of heaviness in the stomach - a true companion of early toxicity, but sometimes it occurs gestosis, peculiar to the third trimester.At this time the female body produces growth hormone, which is needed for a baby, and all this is accompanied by increased production of hydrochloric acid, which leads to nausea and provokes a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

to late pregnancy the cause of discomfort should be considered as intra-abdominal pressure, which is increasing with the growth of the fetus and uterus.Always feel free to stomach declares itself heartburn, and a feeling of heaviness and pain.

There are other causes of such feelings, which can be in no way associated with pregnancy.Anyway, you should pay attention to their condition.If the feeling of heaviness does not leave you for a long time, try to alleviate their condition.The thing is that women are often no longer eat normally because of this symptom, being careful not to overload the stomach and thereby avoid pain and nausea.Malnutrition at this time to provoke unpleasant consequences for the fetus.Experts say that by taking into account the high activity of hormones every woman will experience a lack of nutrients, so she can develop anorexia nervosa, which is accompanied by a feeling of fullness.Thus, we see the formation of a kind of vicious circle.

way to help yourself

First of all, try to solve the problem on their own.Even despite the fact that a feeling of heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy can occur regardless of what and how much you eat, try to reduce the portion of food and consume it fractionally.But remember that you can not avoid starvation in any case.Recommended abandon acute, fried, salted, smoked and other poorly digestible food.In other words, make your diet menu, and the dishes presented in it - mostly liquid or soft form.In the morning, even before leaving the bed, nibble anything legёnkoe, whether or galetnoe cracker biscuits.Equally useful is the refusal of bad habits.

If discomfort leaving you.So see your doctor and he will appoint medication.

author of the publication: Valeri Konstantinov