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Halloween for kids

Halloween for kids all know how much kids love the holidays.The most long-awaited and magical day for kids is probably the New Year.But there is another, equally mysterious and great joy for children, holiday.

the night from October 31 to November 1, the children all over the world dress in fabulous costumes and go from house to house singing and jokes.It is something like Christmas carols.Adult opens the door and sees a dressed rebyatnyu that shouts: «Trick or treat.».Of course, the owner in this case should already be in store candy or sweet pastries.This kind of entertainment organized in honor of the holiday, All Saints' Day.On another day, this is called Halloween.

In the view of many, the day of Halloween came from America.It turns out it is not so.The roots of Halloween lie in the tradition of Celtic culture and the festival reaches the age of 2,000 years.The Celts celebrated the New Year on November 1st.It was believed that on the eve of the night the spirits of our world come to visit in order to find refuge i

n the body of a living person.People were afraid of it and dressed up in torn dirty clothes, to scare away intruders.In addition, the first day of the new year coincides with the end of harvest and the onset of cold weather.Terrible stories and otherworldly monsters entwined with joy the end of the agricultural work and magical celebration of the New Year giving rise to an interesting and mysterious day, Halloween.

Halloween costume for kids

Today, Halloween for kids - it raspiarenny American movie festival, which is very like the children of the world.Pumpkins with triangular eyes and a wry smile came to our country and an invitation to a holiday would get each child.

exciting and interesting is not so much the fun as the preparation for it.Just as the New Year, Halloween costumes made cooking.This outfit can be any fantastic character, but it required the presence of a magical element.Most often, the girls dress up in a cat costume, the evil queen, bat or imp.Boys love image Koshchey immortal, ghostly beings or spider killer.An interesting option is the dress suit concealing a secret function.For example, the possibility of witches easily turn into a cat.Ears under the hood and gloves with padded pocket - and baby, if desired, can turn into purring creature.You can also dwarf the boy turn into a fungus.In this case, under the hood with a pompom sewn clothe it takes a leaf.Thus, the baby can be who wish.

solve the problem with the suit can be acquired ready outfit in the store, but you can make it with your own hands.Another simpler option is to recast Christmas apparel in costume for Halloween.You can not change anything much, enough to add to the image of darkness, in the kind of dark stockings or gloves, and draw on the cheek element in the spirit of celebration.This may be a spider or a pumpkin.In addition, the suit can simply add the appropriate accessory bag-like pumpkin or witch staff.

Makeup for Halloween for kids

It is important that all the elements of children's Halloween costumes were designed and conform to a single role.You can not miss this part of the image, as a make-up.

turn a small angel in the imp can do without professional tools, it will be enough usual cosmetics.Typically, the characters face Halloween tinted in a darker shade.The wrinkles and depressions magician can be designated a dark brown pencil, and if the child has chosen outfit Hearts ladies, then select lips scarlet lipstick.The only caveat is the prevention of allergic reactions to cosmetic products.To avoid this, it is sufficient to check the foundation, try it on the wrist of the child a few days before the holiday.

Organization of parties: the script for Halloween for kids

To organize a party in the style of Halloween for children, it is necessary to consider a scenario with songs and competitions.For inspiration, you can plunge into the holiday atmosphere looking Halloween movies, listening to songs about the holiday of Halloween and photo viewing organized for children.

Here are some amusing activities that could be included in the scenario of Halloween.

1. Hockey with brooms.

For this competition need brooms, pumpkin small size and the gate, which will need to sweep pumpkin.

All younger guests can be divided into two teams.Everyone has their own gate, and they will need to score tykovku broom.

2. Web

essence of this competition is to get to the prize, which is located in a tangle of yarn.It must be done carefully, so that the web (coil) is not broken up and confused.

3. three-legged runners

In this competition the participants must be divided by two.The right and left leg members communicate.So they have to run to the finish.Whose team will make it faster is the winner.

4. Crab on Pumpkin

you need two teams.Member to go on a big pumpkin and moves the legs, just like a crab.In this position, he will need to get to the finish and get ahead of the opponent.

5. Living Donut

In this contest, the child will need to eat a donut, which is tied to a rope.In this position, the sweetness and strive to get away from the party.Wins the one who will manage to bite off harmful donut.

6. Ingredients for potions

At the beginning of this competition have to tell the kids that Halloween night witch engaged in manufacturing of different drugs.And one of such components lost witch spell.It is necessary to ask the children to help and find 10 bats (they can be cut out of colored paper and place in different parts of the room).Anyone who finds the greatest number of ingredients is the winner.

Decor school or at home on Halloween for kids

addition to the script and costumes will have to decorate the room, which will host the festival.There are many original ideas on how to make the house a fascinating meeting place for magical creatures.This artificial fog and bring hast made of tulle.It can be stuffed at the entrance to the room and put stickers on the window with the appropriate topic.And of course, no Halloween is complete without pumpkins as well as none of the New Year is complete without a Christmas tree.Make the main attribute of a holiday.We need to cut the inside of vegetable and put candles in them.The thick skin erupt triangle eyes and a kind smile.That's all such a lamp in the dark will give a taste of the Halloween party.

Invitations Halloween for kids

Notify guests of the imminent triumph required in advance.To the guys were able to prepare the costumes, make it better for the two weeks prior to the celebration.Invitations to the celebration of Halloween for kids can be arranged in various ways.This card can be in the form of a bat or an owl.Here we need a black colored paper and reflective paint.It is also possible to make an invitation to a conventional pumpkin.Particularly impressive it will look in the yellow or black background.

Treats Halloween in the style of the day

any child's party can not be imagined without treats and Halloween is no exception.Festive table can consist of sweet dishes and fruits or a more substantial meal, in-kind pizza or salads.But the main thing is still not part of meals, and their clearance.In this case, they must conform to the idea of ​​Halloween.So, instead of the salad bowl, you can use a pumpkin, and cakes made in the form of spiders.Interestingly invented clearance Mandarin.Bright orange fruit paint marker, as well as the magical pumpkins and spread on a platter in the center of the table.

organize a holiday will be a joyous and memorable event, if the children are fully involved in the process.Everything starts with the mysterious and intriguing invitation, which received the child with his mother will begin preparations for Halloween costume.Properly organized holiday from the beginning dip in a fantastic atmosphere and encourage active participation in the games.Finally you can sing a song of Halloween for kids or kids to see a movie about Halloween.So the feeling that the baby was in a real fairy tale for a long time will not leave him.

author of the publication: Anastasia Druzhinin

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