What you can and can not be pregnant


Every woman during pregnancy is most afraid to hurt your child.And if before she regularly visited the beautician or spa salons, in the first nine months of many "hedged" and, in any case, give up the usual care products for face and body.And in vain!Firstly, during pregnancy the body goes through a global transformation, and it would be nice to help him feasible means.And secondly, when else to give yourself time, nor during maternity leave?Let's talk about what mask to the skin will help you multiply your beauty.

Why and how to make masks

If up to this point you have never done their own mask, a good women's magazine about beauty and fashion will always help you to understand the rules and techniques applying masks.

Note that facial masks are divided into several types (depending on skin type): pumps for dry and normal, degreasers and porosuzhivayuschie for oily and pigment for bleaching.All of them, regardless of the type designed to improve blood circulation and nourish the skin.They were

prepared immediately before application, is applied to the skin cleaned and steamed for 15-20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water.

It must be remembered that the type of the skin during pregnancy can change.Most often, in the direction dryness.That is oily skin tends to normal, but the dry requires more careful care (we do not want wrinkles ?!).

In addition, a woman's body "in position" is becoming more sensitive to allergens.Therefore, in the process of self-care, you should avoid (or use with caution) products such as berries and red fruits and citrus.In any case, before you put a mask on the face or body, try it on the elbow.

Before applying the mask, clean and slightly heat the skin.This can be done by special means and elementary rasparivaniem over a basin with hot water.If you allow the skin type, use a scrub (it is also possible to prepare yourself, for example, from the crushed grape seeds, oatmeal or coffee beans).Masks can be applied as a cotton pad or brush or just your fingers.As you prefer.Apply the material on the massage lines.

After removing the mask, apply to the skin the usual lotions and creams.Remember that oily skin because oily, and that it lacks moisture.So do not neglect these procedures.By the way, not necessarily to wash off the mask with water.You can do this infusion of herbs, green tea, milk, salted cold water.For best effect, the cream is "drive" into the skin with your fingertips.

few recipes.Hydration

skin during pregnancy should be thoroughly moistened.This applies not only to individuals but also the skin of the abdomen, chest and legs.Otherwise, you are guaranteed stretch, especially if the skin is genetically characterized by poor elasticity, and you have a tendency to edema.The best way to cope with these problems natural oils.Ideal to use olive oil, but, in principle, suitable any vegetable.

So you can apply it directly to the steaming your face and body after a bath, accompanying the application of a light massage.Pay particular attention to the stomach, sides, thighs and chest.It is a popular place for the appearance of stretch marks.

can put on your skin (both face and body) part of the cabbage mashed with butter, grated grated cucumber with sour cream or a paste of one yolk, a teaspoon of butter and a teaspoon of chamomile extract.

bleaching compositions

uneven pigmentation of the skin during pregnancy - frequent and quite common.Doctors call this condition chloasma, and consider it the primary cause of increasing levels of the hormone melanin.Fully whiten the skin by special means in the first nine months is impossible, since they are unlikely to be safe for the fetus.Moreover, after delivery, these spots are likely to pass by themselves.

However, in these nine months, you can whiten your skin yourself.For example, rubbing the problem areas of a slice of lemon.Or causing the skin mask of grated cucumber with sour cream.Bleaching action also has potato starch.So as far as possible make yourself a mask of crushed raw potato puree, mixed with a couple of drops of olive oil and spoon milk.

Masks should be done regularly.At the same time you need to avoid staying in the open sun.Before going outdoors necessarily apply skin cream with the highest level of protection.


«black spots" - something unpleasant, but treatable.The main thing cleaned properly, moisturize and whiten skin.

best assistant in the fight against the "imperfections" - white or blue clay, which can be purchased at any drugstore or cosmetic store.Masks from it should be done every three or four days.This material displays the dirt from the pores and kills the bacteria that trigger inflammation.

Another tool that excels in the fight for the purity of the skin - yeast.Mixed with milk, broth chamomile or mint, they have an excellent cleanser.These masks also have to do a cycle.


Remember that your skin is not the same that before pregnancy.Therefore, if you are prone to allergic reactions, first ensure the safety mask on a neutral area of ​​skin (such as at the elbow).If there are any discomfort, do not experiment with the person.Try a different composition.

Remember that pregnancy - not a reason to lie on the couch and struggling "bear" of the child.Be yourself, stay beautiful, admired for its beauty and the new state.

author of the article: Elena Maximova

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