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Newborn winter: how to dress and what to coddle

choosing baby items for the baby to be born in the winter, you need to remember a few rules.

Firstly, thermoregulation newborns is not yet perfect.In other words, they quickly overheat and freeze as quickly.Given that the optimum temperature in the room where the baby should be 21-22 degrees, you need to consider how to wear it.

If you plan to use diapers, you should select the next "suit": light vest, a flannel vest, soft diaper thin diapers and diaper warm, insulated cap.

If you prefer cotton or fleece suit, the algorithm acts as follows: Wear disposable diaper flannel cap, cotton body, and over fleece or other insulated suit.

remind you that all the clothes for babies, which is in contact with their body, must be made of soft natural fabrics.Otherwise, you may encounter with allergies.Plus, ensure that all labels and tags with the "dowry" of the child, had been neatly cut.

preferred to use the body (T-shirt with short or long sleeves with snaps between the legs) and slips (suits with buttons ac

ross the length and between the legs).This clothing is easy to put on and take off.

As for hats, caps the classic preferable as usual hats often slip on the eye.Children, as a rule, do not like.Plus moved down cap can not cope with its core function and protects the head and ears of the baby.Do not forget, he opened fontanels!

Second, the newborn can not wrap up too.We remind you, it is easy to overheat, and therefore from any drafts kid can catch a cold.

So remember a simple rule that will determine hot or cold your baby at the moment.Feel the nose and cheeks if nose cool, then the baby is cold, if the cheeks hot, then it's hot.

going for a walk

Pediatricians recommend a walk with the baby roughly three weeks after birth.Start with 20 minutes and continue to increase the duration of walking.As a rule, children are sleeping on the walk.

good tool for winter walks will be made of sheepskin fur envelope into the carriage.It will protect the back of the baby from drafts.

Regarding the suit, there is the choice depends only on the size of your wallet.As a rule, outerwear for kids is made of heat-resistant materials, thus making it perfectly retains heat to 15 degrees, while the volume is not excessively.

Ideal for walking with a newborn baby - this envelope.Scarce comfortable when the handle close to the body.Now on sale there are envelopes, as they say, two in one.That is eventually transformed into the lower part of the "pants".

If you still prefer jumpsuit, then keep in mind that children grow up very quickly.Do you want to vilify him in the next season?Take a minimum 86-th "Rostovka" (and that is not the fact that next year nalezet).The same rule applies to the envelopes as "2 in 1".

But choosing a baby stroller winter, you should take care of three things.It should be large inflatable wheels with locking (otherwise you will be stuck in a snow bank first), good cushioning (not to shaking the baby, and the slightly seasick) and blown fabric.On cold days, you can cover the baby's face (mouth and nose) Blankets or light scarf.

And remember that before putting the baby for a walk, dress themselves.Otherwise, the child may sweat and wet baby, you know, the cold is nothing.

Out and check whether the baby is not frozen, touching his nose.If the cold back home.

author of the publication: Catherine Novoselov

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