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Appetite During Pregnancy

How many sweets should be a pregnant woman

during childbearing women either complain about the lack of appetite in general, or the fact that I'm hungry all the time.The uncontrolled absorption of ice cream with pickles, huge servings of pasta, fried potatoes, cakes and pastries naturally leads to overweight.As a result, a woman falls into a depression, which, incidentally, is also beginning to stick.Let's talk about how to eat and not gain weight.

most important thing - in all comply with the measure.If the organism asks sweet pastries in the morning, why it does not allow?The level of blood sugar in the morning is very low, and this desire is justified.Try to just bake it yourself, to be exactly sure of the quality of the product.

The problem is that in a bun is often followed by a second and a third.And then the sweet tea and fried potatoes.Feeling as if the saturation disappears.The woman, of course, understand that there can not be so, but says "wise" grandmother "is it is necessary for t

wo, darling," and reaching for the next party.


Firstly, we have all been taught "is what gives" eat up it to the end, there is the future and seize their grievances.Remember how mom or grandmother distract you from eating bitter weeping, forced to eat in front of a road or a school, and tried to include in your diet (for growing) more fat and sugar?

For our grandmothers and even mothers (for the parents to a lesser extent) the food was a cult.Because during their childhood there was nothing, and every piece of fine uplifting.And they remembered that there are - great.We also "absorbed" this paradigm.

Second, absorbing what we were given within the family watches, we have forgotten how to listen to your body.And he knows when he should eat and how.Enough time to ask the body, and which product will satisfy me now best?What flavor?It is important to ask yourself this question before hunger has reached its climax.Because in this case, in the course of going any food.

Thirdly, we have forgotten how to distinguish between physical hunger from emotional hunger.And we drink tea and cookies every time or just want to caress communication.Because we remember from childhood that "food - it's great."

And now imagine the average woman, grown in a "food model" while carrying a child.Before pregnancy, it is, of course, I tried to control myself, but now the shackles slept.Moreover, there should be enough for two.And in general, what I want my mother - and the kid wants.As a result, it "eats" everything that deprives itself before.And regardless of the time of day.


certainly increased appetite during pregnancy - is a variant of the norm.Under the influence of hormones the body begins to demand food more often, reminding about the famine in unexpected ways.Most often, famine future mothers sick.

Another thing is that there is now not necessary for the two, and for two.Because even full-term baby does not need extra calories in 1000-2000, obtained by ice cream, not to mention the embryo.But he definitely need extra vitamins and minerals.

We believe that strictly limit themselves during pregnancy, it is not necessary.Breaking the usual model of power, at least, will cause depression.But eat "everything that is not nailed," referring to his position absolutely contraindicated.Our body is at this moment, and so works for two, do not toss it still 10-20 kg of excess weight.

You must observe the basic principle of supply: all "harmful" we eat up to 12, in the afternoon strike a balance between "harmful" and helpful, and for dinner confine extremely useful protein, which is so necessary, and mother and child.If before going to bed you pull on the ice cream, promise yourself to eat it in the morning and go to sleep quietly.With this approach, you definitely do not reach the weight and keep a good mood (because diet during pregnancy is very difficult).


situation "eating for two" is exacerbated by the fact that a woman is to minimize movement.Especially in the third trimester, when the movement are uneasy.This is a big mistake.Physical activity need you now, because the muscles and joints need training.Another thing is that they should be gentle (stretching exercises, swimming, water aerobics, gymnastics, walking, joint exercises, some yoga asanas).

Switching accents

If during pregnancy you pull on any one type of product, share this strangeness with your doctor.The fact that uncontrolled thrust, for example, ice cream, said shortage of calcium, and the absorption of sweets on a commercial scale may indicate improper digestion of carbohydrates.Pass the tests may your body right now lacks any substance and, unknowingly, he sends you the wrong signals.

If possible, replace the sweet fruits and berries, but harmful fastfood - healthy salad and roasted meat.If your craving for a hamburger does not pass - prepare it yourself from natural products.

And before you send in your mouth the next piece, think about, whether you want it there?Maybe you just yearn for "doberemennoy" life or need to communicate?Then the Movies with a friend solve a problem better than tea and biscuits.

In any case, comply with the measure.And then you'll have fun, and the new state, and from new desires, which it dictates to you.

author of the publication: Olga Sergeeva