Diseases of pregnancy

The elevated temperature during pregnancy

Even those women who usually do not pay much attention to their health, pregnancy, in any case are very careful and cautious.Otherwise only with the news of the coming situation, begin to take care of themselves.Absolutely any infection or illness can negatively affect the process of formation and development of the fetus.It is especially dangerous if in the first trimester is fixed high temperature.No less dangerous temperatures will be after 30 weeks of gestation take place because at that time already, the basic organs and the placenta is aging.Therefore try to avoid diseases, nurturing your baby.

The elevated temperature during pregnancy

In fact, hardly bearing all the way you never get sick.Immunity is reduced quite naturally from the beginning of pregnancy, and therefore increases the likelihood of infection.If the body temperature increases during pregnancy, the woman immediately panics and tries to put itself a diagnosis.

greatest excitement usually associated with low grade fever (36,8-37,5), which is held throughout the period of

pregnancy.Often the reason for this phenomenon expectant mother is completely unknown.

But worry not worth it.If the only cause for concern is the high mark, which captures the thermometer, it is likely that this was the result of a natural reaction of the body that the fetus develops.

«Hormonal warming" - fever

Raising the temperature perceived by some women as a sign of pregnancy.At higher temperatures may also feel a slight discomfort, sleepiness or stuffy nose, depending on what kind of pregnancy in question.Quite often in the early stages there is a feeling that is about to break out any disease, but in fact the state does not deteriorate.All these signs indicate that the woman became pregnant and started hormonal changes in the body of the mother.

Once there was a conception, a woman's body produces increased amounts of progesterone.It affects thermoregulation center, located in the brain.Because of this reduced heat dissipation, and the temperature increases.In fact, the heat just does not leave the body.Previously, all such changes may notice women who are planning a pregnancy and regularly change the basal temperature.

low-grade fever during pregnancy is kept in the first trimester and then decrease.However, it happens and so that this period is prolonged.

When you need to go to the doctor

However, it should be noted that the fever during pregnancy may be a cause wary, because its nature is not always natural.Doctors say that it is extremely desirable to prevent excessive temperature rise, because warmer environment surrounding the child, resulting in tissue damage, and it provokes the development of defects in the central nervous system.Sometimes from a high temperature to exfoliate the placenta or premature labor can occur.In the case of increasing temperature dilates blood vessels women and blood pressure is reduced, resulting in minimizing blood flow to the placenta.

If it so happened that the body temperature is higher than the figure at 38 degrees, then definitely should take some action.

First of all, find out what caused the increase in temperature.Typically, it may provoke a cold or flu.It is possible also that worsen other diseases, including chronic.If the rise in temperature is accompanied by pain, malaise, obvious signs of other illnesses, you should consult your doctor immediately, without waiting for the temperature to rise even more.

Another reason for the increase in temperature may be occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, which in itself represents a serious threat to women's health.

Remember that some diseases may occur hidden, not manifesting itself in symptoms.Among them it is necessary to allocate herpes, cytomegalovirus, pyelonephritis, tuberculosis.If you regularly carry out all inspections and tests necessary for rent, then nothing to worry about.However, if you suspect it is better to visit the same specialist.

How to reduce heat during pregnancy?

vast majority of known cases of medicine says that the temperature rises during pregnancy because of a cold or flu.In this case, the initial treatment should take place without the use of drugs.Only in extreme cases it allows for the reception of paracetamol, and then - only in pediatric formulations, and after consultation with the doctor.Aspirin as well as formulations containing it, drink forbidden.

Speaking of "last resort", we mean the temperature rise to the level of 38 degrees and above, as well as too quick temperature rise and its quick retention at high elevation, even though the treatment carried out by a non-drug funds.Another reason may be taking medication considered a disease with angina.

first try to lower the temperature by means of folk remedies, and, above all, abundant warm drink.Please note that your milk is not recommended.Far better to take tea with Kalina, raspberry, lemon, etc.Useful become grinding water at room temperature.Be sure to stay in bed and call a doctor.

author of the publication: Margarita Shiryaev

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