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If the third trimester of your pregnancy in the summer months, we congratulate you, and at the same time, a little sympathy.It's great that you have a baby is always at hand will be fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.Well, you do not have to spend money on a fur coat for pregnant women.Well, you can always relax on the waterfront, swim and soak up the sunshine.However, in recent months, expectations of a woman sorely lacking oxygen - you breathe, and you can not breathe.And if the street plus 40 degrees in the shade, and you can not go out of town?And mosquitoes?A sunburn?And an endless thirst and swelling?Let's talk about how to have a baby in the summer.

Bonuses old pregnant

All women love to dress up, and in the summer they do it with a minimal load for the family budget.Firstly, summer clothing is much cheaper winter, and secondly, in the summer in all shops of the country are big sales.However, quality clothing at low prices can be bought at any time of the year.Just be aware

of "place".For example, the site sale takes place all year round.In particular, and in the summer.

only note that doctors advise pregnant women to dress up in clothes made of natural and breathable fabrics.They include linen, cotton, silk, chiffon and so on.Under the influence of hormones increased sweating, so loading the skin synthetics expectant mothers are not worth it.

Drinking regime

Russian gynecologists do not advise women in the third trimester of semi- drink more liters of fluid a day.The concept consists of a liquid and soups, and fruit drinks, and juices, and yoghurt.In their view, it provokes swelling.However, experts

-nephrologists, for example, believe that the edema appearing in the body just because of the fact that it lacks liquid.And should drink as much as you want, but plain water.She is an excellent thirst quencher pair of swallows.The only thing, do not eat foods that retain water.It's salty, fatty, fried, smoked and so on.In general, drink soda barbecue can not be pregnant.Drink non-carbonated water.A glass of juice, tea or compote yogurt¸ generally considered a full bite.


Pregnant women need five meals.Try to include in your diet plenty of raw fruits, vegetables, fruits and berries.By the way, in the old days it was believed that the seven cups of strawberries in the summer season saturate human organism with all necessary vitamins for the whole year.However, do not overeat - pregnant body can react allergic.

Remember that herbs such as dill, lettuce, parsley and so on - a natural source of folic acid as necessary.

Towards autumn eat cabbage, squash, zucchini, carrots.This "living" vitamin A, which is so necessary to our skin.

Beware conditioners

Sudden temperature changes - the main cause of summer colds.If without this device you can not do, expose it to 25 degrees, and turn on the air cleaning mode.And in any case, do not sit under the air conditioner.Guaranteed ill.

How to survive the heat

the hottest days do not go out from 11 to 17 o'clock.This is the "hot" part of the day.If you must be outside this time, keep the head from sun stroke, be sure to drink water in small sips, and have handy ammonia.Also keep in your purse or fruit bars or dried fruit, or natural fruits and vegetables.Pregnant women tend to faint from hunger.

excellent escape from the heat of the street will be special sprays for the skin with cooling effect.

When you exit to the street expectant mothers should be applied to the skin sunscreen with maximum protection.Under the influence of many hormones in the body is enhanced pigmentation, and ultraviolet rays can further aggravate the condition.Then the dark spots and freckles are guaranteed.

House take a shower as often as you want.The only thing better than a head instead of shampoo rinse decoction of chamomile, nettle, hops and lovage.They eliminate excess fat (sebaceous glands are working at full capacity), and will not dry hair.

Instead, the soul can also be saved rubdown ice cubes (prepared from decoction), thermal spray of water, cool foot bath.Excellent embolden bath with the infusion of mint leaves.Put it in your hands for 10 minutes, and you'll immediately become not so hot.Or try to dip a cloth in water with a drop of essential oil of grapefruit, mint, lavender or lime, putting it on the inner surface of the elbow.This facility would cooling effect on the whole circulatory system.

Save night apartment cool on hot day to help with blackout curtains.At night, open all windows, and in the afternoon sealed.Then the apartment will be a little fresher.If stuffiness prevents sleep, cover with damp sheets.Be careful with drafts.

careful with bathing

Well, if you have the opportunity to visit the pool.Water removes the burden from the waist, and for many women is the only way that eliminates back pain.Even better, if you have the opportunity to regularly bathe in the sea.However

clean river or lake at hand - is also a good way out.Try only to bathe, accompanied by her husband or girlfriend (you never know), do not swim far (possible convulsions), avoid cold water (water temperature should not be less than 20 degrees).If you are not sure of the purity of the water body, do not risk once again.Especially if you have already moved the mucus plug.The risk of infection increases the child repeatedly.And guided by their own feelings.If you are uncomfortable, get out of the water.On the banks of the stay in the shade and more drink.

author of the publication: Olga Sergeeva