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Buscopan during pregnancy

Pregnant women should take good care of their health, to closely monitor his condition, undergoing constant monitoring and testing at the doctor.Negligence to your baby's health during gestation affects primarily at its health.So if you are not particularly alert to health before pregnancy, with gestation should exercise care, since you are responsible not only for himself.
careful attitude towards their health is motivated by the fact that you, being in a position to hurt contraindicated.Any illness can affect your unborn baby.In addition, diseases require medical intervention, and the use of medication at this time should be possible to reduce to zero.

But we are all humans, and the risk of disease does not always depend on us, even if we are the most ardent supporters of the sport and a healthy lifestyle.For example, stomach pain, the reasons for which during pregnancy abound.The fact is that during pregnancy the urogenital system and texture of the gastrointestinal tract often suffer from spasms.

In this case, a doctor's prescription should take Buscopan.

What is Buscopan?

Buscopan is an antispasmodic agent that relieves uncomfortable cramping sensation from the walls of the stomach and urinary system without any real threat during pregnancy.

spasmolysis this drug is due to the action of hyoscine butyl bromide, which is contained in Buskopane.Additional substances and vitamins contained in the product are tartaric acid, silicon dioxide, calcium phosphate dibasic, stearic acid, and others.Self medication is available in a variety of options: a solution for ineksatsii, rectal suppositories and tablets.

credited with the antispasmodic drug in case of biliary colic, intestinal colic, renal colic, pilorospazme, spastic dyskinesia of the gallbladder or bile ducts.

not use this Buscopan.if you have hypersensitivity to any component which is a part of the preparation.You also can not take this drug in infants, pulmonary edema, closed-angle glaucoma, megacolon and cerebral atherosclerosis.

Buscopan should be taken strictly under doctor's orders.As a rule, appointed his relative able to address this complaint before a pregnant woman.Take the drug if it is in the tablets should be three times a day for one or two tablets (depends on a doctor's prescription).Application candles usually on the same schedule: three times a day.Enter a candle in the rectum.

drug is not typical side effects.Therefore, if you experience symptoms such as dry skin, urinary retention, tihardiya, dry mouth and drowsiness, it means that one should consult a doctor.Symptoms occur in overdose in taking the drug and should be gastric lavage as soon as possible.Remember, what goes into your body depends on the health of your child, as it gets the same substance as you.

Deciding Whether to Use Buscopan?

If you have the above mentioned symptoms in the abdomen, do not take any self-medication.Contact your doctor and evaluate your actual state of health from a medical point of view.As for the first three months of pregnancy is completely Buscopan is contraindicated.And, moreover, the adoption of any medications, including Buscopan, only necessary if the threat level of the mother higher than the fetus.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov

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