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Ideally newborn baby wakes up every two hours.However, in fact, a baby crying at night more often.Even if the baby sleeps with his mother, mother winces every movement and uneven breath.Night after night, she sleeps in the same position on the edge of the bed, afraid to move.A year later, a sleep deficit becomes critical, and she conceived: instead of whether to heed the advice of one of those "let crumbs cry it out"?They can not be wrong all the moms who, tired, have resorted to this method?

to the organization of children's sleep, there are two hard-line approach.The first is that the child should be given plenty to cry, and then he stops calling parents every five minutes.The second is to ensure that the mother has to fly up to the baby at every squeak.Both have their pros and cons.

Causes of Spock

Dr. Benjamin Spock was very popular with our grandmothers.This very extraordinary man, claimed that babies should be accustomed to live on schedule.Feed - in 3-4 hours, not before.And it is no

t accustom to hands, otherwise wean.He assured that the children are often manipulated by their parents, so wake up every five minutes, just like that.To my mother came and took the pen.The best way of getting rid of such "children's selfishness" - leave cry it out.Pooret, pooret, so stop, says the eminent doctor.It will teach him to calm down and not be manipulated by adults."If a child is crying to vomit, go into the room, remove him leave without coming into contact with it," advises Spock.As a result, kids are really self-taught sleep, but in adulthood this leads to a giant psychological problems.

So, in the 70s, Dr. T. Berry Brazelton newborn studied on the subject of whether they feel despair or depression.Babies who cry inconsolably, trying to get the reaction mother videotaped.In the film it is clear that the children are trying first to cry louder, and after some time, having tried all the resources and did not catch a glimpse of the mother, they begin to turn away from it.In the end, they refuse to look at the mother, dropping her head and seemed to subside despair.

As a result, these children are learning only one - nobody can be trusted, and my needs nothing.In adulthood these children do not know how to build boundaries and say no, and loneliness and fear is considered a natural form of human existence.They do not know how to build a long-term love affairs, and the pain of loneliness and satisfy with alcohol and drugs.These will not betray and always available.And all because of the need for emotional contact with her mother - congenital.

Of course, the introduction of such an approach to the organization of children's sleep, you are finally going to get enough sleep.And the child will sleep through the night.But at what cost.

satisfy every whim

Modern scientists, neuroscientists have shown that a child's future is entirely dependent on the parents.The fact that 85% of human neural connections are formed by up to three years, based on the experience of the relationship with Mom and Dad.The kid who grew up in an atmosphere of love and attention, in the latter considers the world a kind and generous.He grows up in a happy, healthy and caring adults.Scientists claim that the child is required to take his hands when he cries.His brain is not yet ready to be manipulated, and at that age you can not spoil.

Those kids whose parents are often left to cry alone, or angrily responded to their cries, as adults often exhibit aggressive antisocial behavior, mental illness and inability to cope with stress.

Dr. Jay Gordon believes that children who embrace, or fed through the night sooner or later learn to calm down and go to sleep on their own.

fact that newborns are unable to express themselves familiar to us in words.Therefore, they are very sensitive to pheromones.If the mother is not there when you need it, baby loses a sense of security, which give it the smell and warmth of my mother's body.

However, not all women are able to selflessly serve the child.Many people do all of these mandatory actions "because we need", and as a result feel unhappy.

Dream - an important component of a happy life.If the mother does not get enough sleep on a regular basis, she becomes aggressive.And often, losing control, may fall on the child.Your children will always copy your behavior, and if you are unhappy and ignore their own needs, they will grow in the same adult.

So if you are tired to sleep like that, being completely at the disposal of your crumbs, think about their own welfare.


If you are committed and determined to teach the baby to sleep through the night in his bed, keep the following in mind.Firstly, it can not be left alone in a room.Clearly, you are so calm: you do not hear crying, and not experiencing stress.However, the baby feels abandoned.Just be there.Pat it, try the method of "sizzle", sing him a lullaby.Sit down together and just put his hand on him.He must know that you are always there.

Tell him that from that day the rules change, explain the new rules and follow them consistently.Even if your baby cries, he will know that you are near.Over time, he certainly learned to sleep through the night apart from you

author of the publication: Ekaterina Vasilyeva

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