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Infertility Causes

Infertility - a problem faced by many couples.In half the cases, the cause of a man.Seven men out of a hundred have fertility problems.The causes of these difficulties?

1. secretion factor

most common problem.Disrupted the testicles, in this case the decline in the quality of sperm.The reasons why the problems occur:

- broken in the scrotum temperature.Frequent visits to the bath, a sedentary lifestyle and different diseases lead to this.The temperature in the scrotum should be 35 degrees, if the temperature control is not respected there is a problem.

- hormonal disorder.To it leads wrong way of life, namely, harmful food.Smoking, drinking alcohol frequently.Work on the production with radiation.As may cause various diseases.

- the use of certain drugs.Antineoplastic, anticonvulsants lead to problems with the testicles.

2. immunological factors

There antispermalnyh education bodies.There males during puberty, at the stage of formation of sperm.Our body works like a clock, and the appearance

of sperm should cause a defensive response.But they are not in the blood, due to which it is most often not the case.In rare cases, the sperm to break into the bloodstream.This is due to the disease (varicocele, agenesis of the vas deferens and other) infections.Just cause may be obtained before the injury.

3. Also obstructive faktor.Eto partial or complete obstruction of the seminal tract.It may be that both the flow impassable.Then the sperms will not be simple, or one of them, then it will be a certain part.The reasons may be very different.The exact cause you to be able to tell the attending physician specialized clinic which is a priority for the treatment of infertility.CM-IVF is just one of the innovative clinics to specialists that can turn for advice.Treatment of rejection is operative elimination of obstacles and ways to restore patency.Unfortunately, bonding is extremely difficult to remove, so to solve this problem may be to use donor sperm.

4. Relative infertility

In this case there are no visible cause of infertility.And the problem is placed in the patient.Frequent stress could be the cause of infertility.Treatment and diagnosis carries a psychotherapist.

in failing to couple to have a baby, you need to be screened.The first step is to examine the best man.It is easier to find disease.

author of the publication: Svetlana Sergeeva

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