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The value in the development of newborn baby rattles

Rattle - first toy any kid.At first he was just settling down for unusual sounds and then learn to focus on the bright toy, grabs and squeezes her hands, developing fine motor skills of hands.A special gryzunki crumbs help cope with the pain in the gums, when he will be actively teething.Did you know that there are different kinds of rattles can be made from different materials and play with these toys differ depending on age? Online kids' store offers rattles for every taste and color:

  • Suspended rattles.They can be hung on the bed, the arc in a wheelchair, swayed in the center, on developing the rug.The child quickly get bored of the same toys, so it is recommended to change the rattle other from time to time.Suspended rattle can be both conventional and music (battery operated).
  • Rattles-socks and bracelets.We are popular recently.They are believed to contribute to the development of coordination of movements of the newborn.
  • usual rattles.It may be in the form of rings, diamonds - what manufactur
    ers have enough imagination.
  • Soft rattle in the form of animals.Older children come to the delight of such a beautiful and fun toys.
  • teethers sometimes produced with a special gel-filled.These toys should be maximum-quality, because the child will not be easy to play with them, but actively gnawing discomfort in the gums.

It's not all types of modern rattles, only the most common.

What to look for when choosing a toy?

no doubt that rattle should be qualitative - the health of the child can not save.So buy cheap Chinese crafts - is strictly forbidden.It is better to give preference to well-known, time-tested and experience moms brands.Basic requirements for a good rattle:

- Environmentally friendly.Paints should be safe for the baby.Also important is the maximum naturalness, absence of sharp corners.

- Durability.Good rattle does not break if dropped on the floor or hitting the hard object.

- Bright colors, different fillers.The brighter and more beanbag different sounds it makes, the more useful it is for a child's development.

Giving your child can rattle since birth.Actively playing with her child will be approximately 3 months vozrasta.f

author of the publication: Svyatoslav Sitnikov