Diseases in Children

The temperature of the reaction to the Mantoux

With the advent of the child's mother understands that her children's illnesses to endure more painful than their own.Heat the baby causes a lot of concern for his condition.Especially if apparent reason for hyperthermia as there are none.Here you put your child notorious Mantoux test, and he suddenly jumped temperature to 38.5 degrees.Doctors say that it does not happen, and trying to heal from SARS and the temperature stubbornly held a few days in the absence of other "cold-related symptoms."Let's talk about whether such a reaction to the TB test.

Who's mantle and Koch's bacillus and here

Mantoux test - a method of investigating the body's reaction to the introduction of attenuated Mycobacterium tuberculosis.With this sample physician evaluates, firstly, the readiness of the organism to resist tuberculosis virus, and secondly, checks whether a person is infected at the time.

The sample preparation is carried out using the tuberculin - extract from broken sticks Koch (bacilli - Mycobacterium tub

erculosis).For the first time began to be used tuberculin in 1907 - it was applied to specifically damaged skin.Later pofrantsuzsky doctor Mantoux test (Mantoux) proposed to introduce the tuberculin under the skin.In the Soviet Union began to use the Mantoux test in 1965.

Remember, all of us at the school puncture arm "of the pistol?"At this point and injected under the skin tubertulin.In place of administration of the substance under the skin reaction begins - inflammation caused by the accumulation of specific blood cells (lymphocytes), responsible for combating the virus of tuberculosis.And in response, not all cells come (remember, this is the blood cells that fight with all sorts of viruses and bacteria), but only those that have already had experience in dealing with "sticks Koch."Accordingly, the more inflammation, the more the body such "experienced" cells.

What size should be "spot»

inflammation, formed at the site of the tuberculin, doctors called papule.Or "a button".Three days of it can not be wet and scratching (remember?).And then the doctor measures the line of its length.And "to offset" is only seal at the injection site.Redness around is not considered.

So, if at the site of infection generally neti redness, or it is less than 1 mm, it means that the test is negative .Sticks "Koch" the body is unknown.However, there are some "pitfalls" - such a reaction may also occur in people with very weak immune systems.

seal ate less than 4 mm, the test is considered doubtful .

In that case, if the size of the seal of 5-16 mm, it is believed that a person has immunity to tuberculosis. test called positive .

If the size of the reaction in the child more than 17 mm, or at the injection site formed ulcers and sores, test considered hyperergic .This means that the body has got a large number of bacteria.In this case, you will be referred to a TB specialist for consultation, which will have a more detailed examination.

Mantoux test should be carried out if the baby is healthy.Keep in mind this is not vaccinated, she strengthens the immune system, but only shows the reaction.

adverse reactions to sample

Overall, the reaction to the tuberculin can only be local.However, in some cases, a child may have a fever, he may complain of weakness and headache, vomiting and it can even vomit.More and more parents pay attention to these symptoms pediatricians.

doctors, incidentally, also did not deny the possibility of side reactions.

So why your child may be hyperthermia:

- the child is highly sensitive to various allergens;In other words, allergies you have - is a frequent phenomenon

- a child's immunity is weakened as a result of the cutting teeth in the background undetected eye inflammation, after recently suffering a viral illness

- child basically suffers from a weak immune system, and against the background gown caught a virus;the temperature in this case is not the answer to tuberculin, and the primary virus

- you stuck substandard or expired medication;this happens very rarely, and those affected are several children

Keep in mind that an allergy - a consequence of a very strong immunity.Another thing is that the "rush" he begins to everything.Incidentally, in the Mantoux includes phenol.This substance can also trigger the immune system to an asymmetrical response.

And if I do not want to put a gown?

Any parent has the right to refuse to perform tuberculin tests.Just like you give up those or other vaccinations.However, in this case, you can threaten to not give in kindergarten.And other "horrors" of life without tuberculin.

Few know that reveal immunity to tuberculosis can be simply passing blood from a finger.This analysis is called "immunoglobulin AMg to tuberculosis."Of course, in the children's clinic you will not do it: it is held in private laboratories.But, you see, the difference on the face, either injected under the skin and let loose, but "stick" Koch ", or just donate blood.

author of the publication: Olga Sergeeva