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The eighth month of pregnancy

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The eighth month of pregnancy

With the advent of the eighth month of pregnancy every pregnant woman knows that left very little time for the most miraculous events in the life of the family - the child's birth.The inexorable approach of delivery expectant mother more clearly feels the uterus is full preparing for the upcoming birth and, therefore, periodically appear false Braxton-Higgs.These contractions are usually painless and not a regular, but if the contractions become each time harder, and do not go for an hour, you should immediately consult your doctor, maybe an expectant mother went into premature labor in her eighth month of pregnancy.Despite the fact that the baby's lungs still continue to improve, if the baby decides today to be born, then the timely assistance provided doctors not only to save his life, but in the future, baby, born in the eighth month of pregnancy, will not be different in the development offrom babies born in due time.

now is to continue to eat right, get plenty

of rest and stay in the fresh air as often as possible.Most of the women at the eighth month of pregnancy went on maternity leave, and it's time to devote himself to the upcoming birth and the first months of motherhood.Many mothers say on this term narrowing of interest.This is understandable, because there is nothing that excites a woman as the upcoming event, and before that so many things you need to know or remember the new well-forgotten old.

Most moms are now the choice of hospital care, home improvements, preparation for childbirth and the acquisition of various things needed in the first months of baby's life.

If a pregnant woman awaiting the appearance of two or more kids, then it must already prepare the bags to the hospital, because such pregnancies often ends at the end of the eighth month of pregnancy.

eighth month of pregnancy .Skolko weeks?

second month in the third trimester begins with week 32 and ends at 36 weeks of pregnancy.Prior to the upcoming birth have not much time, but every week fatigue pregnant state advances to the future mother stronger.While on maternity leave, future mom needs more rest.But only in their native lands, because the flight at the eighth month of pregnancy, or a long trip by car can very adversely affect the course of pregnancy.

eight months pregnant woman will pass the last skrinningovoe ultrasound, in which an expert should evaluate the maturity of the placenta, amniotic fluid state, to determine fetal presentation and position of the cord.In addition, the doctor needs to assess the baby's internal organs, to eliminate the possibility of defects.

Fruit of the eighth month of pregnancy

Fruit of the eighth month of pregnancy

child on the eighth month of pregnancy is almost ready for his birth.All his life-sustaining organs and systems are formed, continue their improvement only light.In any case, if the birth will begin now, the chances of the baby to survive is enormous, because the birth eight months pregnant already include not premature, and for early.

eight months pregnant child development enables it to have this term is no different from our usual image of man.Scarce perfectly sees and hears, is able to blink and squint.Scientists have proved that he even dreams.The skin color baby aligned, but because accumulation of subcutaneous fat in his face and shoulders are rounded.The child is almost completely gone down lanugo, but at the same time increases the amount of vernix.This will help your child most easily overcome a very difficult journey through the birth canal.

child's brain continues to improve, it formed a huge number of nerve connections.Despite the fact that the child's bones are formed and already quite strong, the bones of the skull remain soft to the passage through the birth canal proceeded normally.

end of the eighth month of pregnancy, the baby takes up almost the entire space of the uterus, most often by the time the baby is the correct head down.The child becomes more and more difficult to move and so his movement begin to cause pain expectant mother.One gets the feeling that the baby is playing with mother's ribs or the bladder to relieve the condition of a pregnant woman needs to change position.

Now the baby is actively gaining weight, in the middle of the third trimester, the weight will be about 2,500 kg, and the growth will reach 45 cm.

Belly eight months pregnant

Belly eight months pregnant is enormous, the queen takes its maximumposition, squeezing the organs.Therefore, the expectant mother breathing becomes difficult.Kid getting crowded in the uterus and its aftershocks have painful for the mother.If wiggling toddler deliver pain or discomfort, you should change the position and then the investment should come.

We must not forget that the size of the stomach depends on the anatomical features of a pregnant woman, so do not pay attention, and compare the size with other mummies.Some of the abdomen can be very impressive size, others moms may differ miniature form of the abdomen.Such differences in any case do not indicate any problems fetal development and pregnancy in general, but due to the individual characteristics of each expectant mother.

eighth month of pregnancy symptoms

eight months pregnant future mother overcome anxiety about the upcoming birth.A pregnant woman in front of a lot of trouble to prepare for childbirth and the first months of baby's life.All of this goes along with emotional and physical exhaustion, because the state of the future mother eight months have hardly a pleasant and easy.Gaining growth and without a huge belly prevents women breathe, sleep and move.Most future mothers suffering constant heartburn attacks, and usually the situation with constipation this date only complicated.If before wiggling baby's mother brought the pleasure, now they often cause pain.It's, without a doubt, very tired pregnant woman, but it is worth remembering that there are very little time before the long-awaited meeting with the kid.The first cry, the first glance, the first embrace - all will be compensated all the difficulties that stand in the way of the future mother.

uterus is now occupied the highest position and compresses the organs, including the lungs, so the pregnant woman is having difficulty breathing, shortness of breath occurs.But apart from some difficulty breathing no money had to be other complications if future mother appears blue lips or fingers, there was a pain in the chest and heart palpitations - should immediately call the ambulance.

Most pregnant women in the eighth month of pregnancy experienced sleep problems.The reason for this is the different alarm expectant mother and a huge belly, because of which is not immediately possible to find a comfortable sleeping position.At night, more and more expectant mother wakes up because of the urgency of the bladder.In addition, in this period there are situations with uncontrolled separation of a certain amount of urine when laughing or sneezing.This is due to the fact that increases in size uterus compresses abdominal organs including the bladder.

swelling of the eighth month of pregnancy often are companions expectant mother until the end of pregnancy.It is connected with the increase of fluid in a woman's body and thus a manifestation of the edema should be very carefully monitored.Also excluded from the diet food.The ability to retain excess fluid in the body is to watch blood pressure because high blood pressure and swelling may be due to the development of preeclampsia.As a rule, manifested nausea, eight months pregnant and is a sign of late toxicosis and requires special attention.All

bowl eighth month of pregnancy stomach ache and back pain, these pains occur because of the substantially increased belly.Such pain usually appear after a walk or intense activity.If eight months pregnant pulls abdomen, the first thing you need to relax the expectant mother may take painkillers, the doctor who prescribed the appearance of such pain.However, if on the eighth month of pregnancy sore abdomen hard enough and for a long time, should seek immediate medical attention.

Many pregnant women note that the eighth month of pregnancy hard to get up.The reason for this is the increase in size stomach.Climb the expectant mother must be sideways from a prone position to avoid the discomfort and dizziness.

Cold eighth month of pregnancy can be extremely unpleasant ally.After medication is still not desirable during pregnancy, despite the fact that the baby has already been established.

better to try to protect your health and maximize protect yourself from contact with potential patients, but if all the expectant mother caught a cold - should see a doctor to prescription medications that can be used to treat the common cold in the laterpregnancy.

seventh eighth month of pregnancy may be accompanied by nasal congestion and ears expectant mother.In addition, a pregnant woman is often plagued by muscle cramps.Do not worry, if the allocation to the eighth month of pregnancy will be more abundant than before.But it is worth remembering that at the slightest discomfort in the allocation, changes in color, odor or consistency should see a doctor.If copious become transparent, more like water, it is possible to have the expectant mother was leakage of amniotic fluid, which also requires attention from the doctor.Blood on the eighth month of pregnancy as a troubling symptom that requires immediate referral to a specialist.

Power to the eighth month of pregnancy

last month of pregnancy nutrition should be given great attention.Largely because of it will depend on the state of health of the future mother.Through proper nutrition pregnant woman can get rid of the annoying heartburn and eliminate the possibility of constipation and flatulence.The principle remains the same power unchanged.frequent but small portions of food.Breakfast is given one of the most important roles, it should be a full and very nutritious lunch should include the most favorable for this period of pregnancy foods, and dinner, as always, must consist of easily digestible food, and for 3-4 hours before bedtime.The kid every day takes calcium from the woman's body, so eating cheese, fermented milk products should be in the daily diet of the future mother.Furthermore, it is necessary the use of iron-containing products, such as beef, green apples, liver, spinach.

Sex eight months pregnant

answer the question, you can have sex + on the eighth month of pregnancy or not is difficult.Some experts say that if the pregnancy proceeds normally and there are no contraindications, you can have sex.However, other experts recommend to abstain from intimacy at a late stage of pregnancy so as not to disturb the baby, who was already in the correct position for birth.

In any case, the answer to this question can be given only by the attending physician who oversees your pregnancy.But as a rule, a woman in her eighth month is not often tempted to physical intimacy because pressing pain in the pubic area, a huge belly, and general fatigue are felt.If there are no contraindications, and prospective parents desire one another, then it makes no sense to restrain yourself.

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