Diseases of pregnancy

Habitual miscarriage

For every woman there is nothing worse than losing a long-awaited child.According to statistics spontaneous abortion often happens so early that the woman did not even unaware of its occurrence.For every woman it is an irreparable loss and she is very afraid of a repetition of this situation in the future.Disrupted psychological health, and after him physically."Habitual miscarriage" - terrible words for every woman.You do not need to stay with the problem alone.With timely treatment to the doctor your problem is solved.

Habitual miscarriage

After two miscarriages in a row about the same terms suggest habitual miscarriage.But if it happened the first time - no need to wait for the next.It is necessary to immediately seek medical help.To date, the cause of miscarriage is not certain.There is a lot of theories.

What are the causes of abortion?

huge number of factors in a woman's body aimed at maintaining an existing pregnancy.Based on the fact that absolutely healthy people do not happen, how can a woman carries and d

elivers a full-fledged, full-term infants?My personal opinion is the most important factor of miscarriage - is the fear of a woman in front of him.Seeing how the young girls, one can not stand the coveted pregnancy, no longer want to make attempts to have children, the reason became obvious to me.But do not despair.No matter how many miscarriages, a chance to conceive, carry and give birth the normal child exactly all there.

is a list of some of the main reasons for not carrying a pregnancy:

• Genetic factors.Chromosomal and genetic diseases in which the body itself rejects the abnormal fetus.

• gynecological diseases.Malformations of the uterus, fallopian tubes and pelvic inflammatory diseases, tumors.

• endocrine disorders.All parts of the endocrine system are interrelated.If you suffer from at least one of glands disrupted everyone else.This eventually leads to an imbalance of hormones, which adversely affects the pregnant woman and fetus.

• Immunopathology.In case of violation of immunological tolerance fruit recognized by the immune system of the mother as a foreign agent, and in the defense response is rejected.

• urogenital infections.TORCH-infections, syphilis and others.

lot of reasons, but that does not mean that the presence of one or more of these guarantees habitual miscarriage.No, you can have several diseases and risk factors, but in the end bear and give birth to a healthy baby.The more risk factors a woman has, the greater the risk of miscarriage.

you can make a pregnancy!

first things you need to take action - the moral balance and serenity.Be prepared for all kinds of analyzes, tests and examinations.Diagnosis of miscarriage - the most important step in dealing with it.

made sure ultrasound examination of the abdomen and pelvis, as well as the level of sex hormones in the blood.According to the testimony appointed contrasting methods of investigation of the genital tract.It is necessary to eliminate the infection of the genital tract: strokes are made with the vaginal mucosa to determine the nature of the microflora.It may be appointed, and microscopic examination of the lining of the uterus or vagina (biopsy).Chances of genetic diseases when miscarriage occurs in up to 8 weeks.The problem may be hiding in the male - may need to consult a urologist, andrologist, data semen.

determine the cause can be directed to begin effective treatment.New pregnancy are encouraged to plan no earlier than 1 year after miscarriage.

Chance bear a child in the future directly depends on the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment.Believe in yourself and your future baby and pregnancy is bound to come.Emotional mood directly affects the course of pregnancy, so do not get discouraged and dream only of good.

author of the publication: Eduard Belousov

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