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Map at 026 for admission to kindergarten and school - all you need to know the parents!

In order to enroll in school or kindergarten must first undergo a medical examination, get a card, issued in the form 026u.What is this card?This medical document showing all the data on conducted medical examinations, analyzes, vaccination.Map is needed not only for admission to preschool and school institutions, it is conducted, from the moment of receipt until the end of the school teenager, that is, until he turned 17 years old.

Analyses and experts

Map 026u turns to the child could take to kindergarten or school.This document shows all the data on the health of the baby, vaccination, immediately put a special mark on the presence of diseases, prescribed treatments, preventive measures.

To issue such a card, you should contact the place of residence to the clinic, where they will be held initial examination.It includes a reception at professionals such as:

  • surgeon;
  • audiologist;
  • dentist (once can be done a simple treatment, which is to be delivered to mark the map);
  • speech therapist (a spe
    cialist usually carries out a detailed examination at registration card in the future, it is not mandatory, although it is not recommended to ignore this control by the doctor);
  • neurologist and psychiatrist;
  • dermatologist;
  • optometrist.

also have to pass the following laboratory tests:

  • analysis of feces;
  • blood test (total);
  • urinalysis (general);
  • also requires a special scraping conducted at enterobiasis.

After primary examination is complete, the district attending physician issued the card for a child under the form 026u.She is available in the selected kindergarten for admission to a child.

Management Card

What is the medical records issued in the form 026u?This small book, which is similar in appearance to the patient card, stored in a clinic or hospital.The information in it, conduct of business and similar to normal card but kept the form 026 / u in the pre-school or institution where the child is engaged.Shelf life and maintaining a large map, it ends when the young person turns 17 years of full, meaning he finishes school.

map includes 33 pages, divided into 11 sections.All of them are filled by medical staff only, which shall be entered on the passage of surveys, delivery of analyzes.Separately, there is a section on vaccination.

Registration Card to child care includes entering this information:

  • information about the child, it includes the name, home living conditions, social conditions, the presence of genetic disorders in parents and relatives;
  • separately indicated data on the parents, the presence of diseases;
  • in card containing all the data that is obtained during medical examinations, preventive, curative measures necessary to ensure that information about changes in the health status of the child were dynamic, as accurate as possible;
  • is separate section (it may be in the form liner) about vaccination, it specifies the types of treatments, vaccines, the mark must be previewing the kid and his condition after;
  • if parents refused vaccinations, it is necessary to have a written statement, otherwise the child will not be accepted to the school or kindergarten.

medical records in the form 026u is a comprehensive, informative document, which shows the general condition of the child's development.Besides analyzes and inspections it appears physical development, advice on diet, the need for corrective measures.this is a very important document, based on which treatment is prescribed, preventive measures, if necessary.

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