Medications in Pregnancy

Pinosol in pregnancy

With the onset of pregnancy, and the restructuring that occurs in this period in a woman's body, the immune system is significantly reduced.Therefore, a cold during pregnancy is almost inevitable, especially in the first trimester.The very first sign of a cold and unpleasant is nasal congestion.To this was added headache, lost the sense of smell, decreased sensitivity of taste buds.

Pinosol in pregnancy

During pregnancy, even the most minor cold can harm the future baby.He hopes that the nasal pass itself is not worth it.Yes, and to self-medicate in this crucial period as undesirable.

Therefore, at the first sign of a cold should consult a doctor to common cold is not turned into a more serious disease.And to the usual methods of self-medication for themselves, take responsibility.

Than to treat nasal congestion during pregnancy?

is difficult to count how many times a person in his life is sick of SARS.Many have had their own personal methods of dealing with nasal congestion.And often among these methods can be found

such as the drug Pinosol.The reason that it is chosen most women is that the nose drops based on natural oils.So much for the everyday life.But is it possible to continue to use Pinosol during pregnancy?

It would seem essential oils can not do any harm at all.For the fruit of the way it is, but for the future mom can.Even if it is not time to use these drops before pregnancy.It is often with the onset of pregnancy in women can manifest all sorts of allergic reactions.And then, too, had an allergy, as such, will be a threat to the baby.

That is why to use of the drug should be treated with special care.During pregnancy or breast-feeding drip in a nose Pinosol is possible, but only on prescription.It is assigned with different complexity rhinitis, acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes, and after the surgery in the nasal cavity.But pinosol treatment should not exceed 7 days.

So there is a clear contraindication for pregnant women on the use of Pinosol.

However, not all of it helps, even in the absence of an allergy to the individual components of this drug.Despite the wide range of effects on some women, these drops do not have the desired effect and many of them refuse.And there are women who Pinosol in the home medicine cabinet under the first paragraph.

During pregnancy, it is impossible to predict the body's response to a particular component.But if after a period of use drops rhinitis does not pass, is to abandon their use.And to consider other treatment.And if at the time of instillation into the nose Pinasola nasal passes, but rather increases, it may indicate that you are allergic to this medication.

If any suspicious symptoms during use Pinasola, discontinue use and consult an audiologist.

Pinosol in pregnancy: User

combined drug, which includes a blend of essential oils with natural substances in oil.The drug has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect, increases the granulation.Pinosol improves the patient's condition, facilitating nasal breathing by reducing the secretion and increase the permeability of the nasal passages.In chronic course of the disease the drug increases blood circulation of the mucous membrane of the nose, larynx, trachea, and helps to restore its function.The dosage for adults is: 1-2 drops / 3-4 times a day, no more than seven days.

author of the publication: Nikita Rybakov

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