Exercise for Weight Loss

What exercises are driven internal fat ?

What exercises are driven internal fat ? desire to lose weight is almost always associated with the appearance.People (mostly) lose weight to look good and not to feel better.But the fact is that the two types of body fat: external and internal.These species are in constant interaction.On a diet and exercise first to react visceral (internal fat), while the external fat remained unchanged.So in frustration, "a new method of weight loss" are often unfounded.

Conclusion: Give your body time to react in the right way!

How to remove the fat?

There are two basic methods: diet and exercise.The first is suitable for the lazy, the second for those with willpower.Judge for yourself, the rejection of a cake with chocolate cream is half an hour on the treadmill.But do not rush to make a choice.Fat is lost during dieting, returns several times faster.Therefore, it is a reliable way of physical activity.

Visceral fat: how to get rid of it through exercise.

Important!Full contraindicated people running and sudden physical exertion, or instead of l

osing weight, you can have a heart attack.The ideal option is Bodyflex.

Remember, before each exercise should be performed breathing complex (DC), which consists of four items.

1. lips curved into a tube, and slowly exhale air from the lungs.

2. Make a short nose and a deep breath.

3. Hold your breath.His head is down in this case, abdomen retracted.

4. Very exhale through the mouth.

Now go to the exercises Bodyflex closely.Each exercise lasts 10 seconds.At the end of the session breathe in through your nose and relax as much as possible.If you have difficulty at first, then reduce the exercise twice.Once the body gets used to load, you can increase it to normal.

mgmt.1. Get on your knees, palms lie on the floor, his head raised.Make DC, and then Arch your back as much as possible.Freeze for a few seconds and return to starting position.

mgmt.2. Sit and widely raskinte legs apart.Hands lean on the floor behind.Follow the DC, and then leaned forward.Hands drag forward as far as possible.Freeze in this position for 10 seconds.

mgmt.3. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, feet flat on the floor, hands up, his head does not come off the floor.DK.Then Lift, trying to break away from the floor to the maximum.Drop down back.Again climb and hold this position for 10 seconds.

mgmt.4. Starting position in exercise.1, but the head is lowered.The right leg assigned to the side at an angle of 90 degrees.DK.Then he stretched his leg should be raised to the level of the hips and try to pull the head.

mgmt.5. Starting position is the same.One leg is pulled back so that the fingers abut the floor.DK.Lift the outstretched leg as high as possible, at the same time straining buttocks.Hold for 10 seconds.

mgmt.6. Lie on your back.Legs bent at the knees drawn to her stomach.Socks are directed away from you.Put your hands on the calves.DK.Now gently pull the legs, keeping the floor of the shoulders and head.

Perform these exercises every day for at least 15 minutes, and the result will not wait!