Exercise for Weight Loss

" Office " Fitness: Weight Loss Workplace

" Office " Fitness: Weight Loss Workplace Sedentary work - the worst enemy of a slim figure.If the time to exercise is not enough, if you wish, you can still stay slim and trim, performing simple "office" exercise right on their own workplace.

1. Walk!As simple as it may sound, the effect of the distance can be seen very soon.Try to walk more stairs - avoid the elevator, go take a walk at lunchtime.Do not look for excuses - even go around the building.

2. Squat.It is familiar with the physical education exercise effectively tightens the buttocks and makes the elastic ass.Start with a small number of repetitions and gradually make them more and more.

3. Subtle exercises for slimming the hips.

  • Interior: sitting, keeping your back straight, between the knees hold a small ball or a fist and pressed his legs together until the fatigue in the legs.
  • to the outside of the thighs, proudly referred to as the "breeches."Hands on a chair, knees press together, about the middle of the thighs, hips and push on for about 7 seconds, overcoming the res
    istance of hands.Perform 20 times.
  • Exercise for the front of the thigh, back and press.Sit on the edge of a chair with your feet together, back straight and tightly with his knees.Straighten legs while pulling up the socks.Do until muscle burning sensation.If the exercise is given with difficulty, the first unbend legs at a time.
  • back of the thighs.Keep your back straight, tighten your abs and legs put under the table at shoulder width.In turn push your heels legs to the floor, holding a voltage of 7 seconds.Do 10 times on each leg.

4. Lose Weight at work and tightens the press.

for pumping muscle inelastic tummy does not necessarily exhaust yourself swing press.Try another option: retract and tighten your abdominal muscles.

This position must be held for 5 seconds and relax.Repeat at least 8 times.Watch for breathing - do not hold it, breathe evenly.

5. Take care also about the beauty of his chest while sitting on the edge of his chair, grabbed his arm rests on the outside.Strain elbows as if pulling up a chair to her, and hold this position for 6 seconds.Do 20 times.

6. For hands you can do the following exercise: take a book in hand, lift and slowly lower it.Do 10 times for each arm.

performing these exercises or part of each day, you will see the first results in a few weeks: improve your health and posture, and this is the key to harmony.Do not hesitate and start now.

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