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Sports nutrition for weight loss

Sports nutrition for weight loss Sports nutrition for weight loss is designed to make life easier for those who keep a low-calorie diet.Most of these people are faced with the lack of time to prepare 3-4 different protein meals a day, the inability to quickly and correctly to eat, and a passionate desire to eat something sweet and tasty addition to main meals.Modern shakes, soups and bars can solve all of these challenges and lose weight as quickly as possible and with minimal discomfort.

Sports nutrition for weight loss: for whom

If you just sit on a diet and do not exercise, you may want to use the pharmacy meal replacement.Sports Nutrition created to cover the needs of in protein and carbohydrates , which occur in the exercising person.All other such products may seem "too high-protein".Additionally, many protein bars contain sugar and glucose syrup.They are able to quickly restore power after an intense workout, but for those who are not engaged, bars are too high in calories.

second important condition for the application

of special sports nutrition - the overall balance of your diet without him.If you do not deny yourself sweets occasionally eat fast food or is the use of the calories from the food you can not lose weight effectively and even better.

Sports nutrition for weight loss: types

First of all, it should distinguish between power for raw materials.There vegetarian smoothies, soups and bars .They are made from pea isolate or soy protein.These products may include linseed oil, or wheat flour.The most well-known brands such power in the former CIS -Squeezy Athletic and Dr Oeteker.

  • Advantages of vegetarian products: a low glycemic index, environmentally friendly, low calorie.
  • Disadvantages: requires additional intake of essential amino acids in capsules if you do not consume animal protein in general.

more common sports nutrition diet of milk or whey protein .This food is cheaper and more widespread.

  • Pros "milk" cocktails for weight loss: a large price range from "elite" to the economy, a lot of different flavors, including dessert "vanilla" and "chocolate" may cover the body's need for vitamins, chromium picolinate and L-carnitine.
  • Disadvantages: can cause allergies and upset stomach due to individual lactose intolerance.

How to apply?

From adherence to food depends on the rate of weight loss and the rate of metabolic processes in general.Ideally, you should arrange small meals every 2-3.5 hours.Cocktail bar, or for weight loss - it's not a dessert or addition to the basic food intake, and quite independent food.

If you are a "snack" bars the main meal, it can not lose weight and get better.The fact that the majority of "sports chocolates" contain sugar so combined with carbohydrate meal, they cause a strong accumulation of glycogen.If within 4-5 hours after ingestion of the power goes to the intensive training, you can easily gain a little fat.

Ideally, the bar should be eaten instead of a second breakfast or afternoon snack.At the same dinner or lunch must contain a serving of protein meals.This will help you avoid unwanted attacks of hunger.Protein shake or soup with a high content of protein can be used as the first breakfast, post-workout snack or dinner.In the latter case, it is best to choose the cocktail with the addition of dietary fiber, L-carnitine and chromium picolinate.

Using food, do not forget to consider it taking into account the energy value of daily calories and do not go completely to the "diet of the package," so as not to cause stomach upset.

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