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People eat more when recognize obesity disease

People eat more when recognize obesity disease psychologists from the United States Crystal Hoyt and Janie Burnett based on the results of his research concluded that the recognition of the disease of obesity in some cases leads to more overweight!And the thing is that as soon as a person who has extra weight begins to realize that his problem is a disease, it simply ceases to believe in the possibility of lose weight by traditional methods (diet, exercise) and eat more harmful calorie productssupply.

scientists psychologists from two universities (Richmond and Minnesota), watched by hundreds of obese people in the online conference.Researchers test was made, which eventually passed all 700 participants.But before the test all the people were divided into three teams.Each team is given a link to the various articles on the Internet about excess weight: the first group, participants read information about obesity as a disease, the second team of researchers gave normal informative article, and the third group read the online article that obesity

is not a disease recognized.

results of the study is that tests have shown that obese people in the first group have ceased to believe in yourself and tune in to the use of any (!) Food, while the representatives of the two other teams feel the faith in themselves and their power and are willing to abandon harmful foodfor a better shape and health.

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