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Scientists: the wine has beneficial effects on the kidneys

Scientists: the wine has beneficial effects on the kidneys American researchers in the field of nutrition (Colorado) recently concluded that a small dose of wine help to preserve the health of the kidneys.In addition, if a person already has kidney problems (chronic diseases), the moderate consumption of low-alcohol drink can help prevent the development of vascular disease, and heart, and yet, as we know, kidney disease may soon lead to cardiovascular problems.
other words, wine protects the heart.

Experts from the University of Colorado conducted a thorough in-depth analysis of medical records of several thousand people, including about 1,000 had frequent kidney problems.It was found that those who regularly drank small amounts of wine, had virtually no renal disease.And people with chronic kidney disease who consumed the drink, were protected from strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Scientists advise to consume red wine, as it contains more polyphenols - antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances.However, the key moment of the use of wine, t

he researchers emphasize, is, first of all, in moderation!

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