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Scientists, nutritionists : food easily enters the brain confusing

Scientists, nutritionists : food easily enters the brain confusing 16 years ago, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania had a very unusual and even somewhat cruel experiment: to participate in the experiment were chosen people with severe amnesia.Participants in the experiment were fed a meal, and after 10-20 minutes they were offered again for lunch, and they gladly agreed.This has happened several times, based on what scientists have concluded that the desire to eat due to a greater extent with the head and not the stomach.

Even if the stomach "understands" that the food has been eaten and digested it, he, nevertheless, a person can consume food more than usual, as a rule, due to "trick" the brain.Many food producers, in particular fast food, use a variety of tricks in order to fool the brain the buyer / client.For example, it is known that the bright light inside catering forces people to rush there as much as possible to use food.

famous McDonald's at the time came up with the next "token": the addition to the menu of useful items like salads, vegetables

and fruits.This attracted a lot of people who want to eat low-fat and healthy food, but sooner or later, fans of a healthy diet are starting to book the usual "bad" foods McDonald's if getting his regular customers.

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