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Scientists: a person's diet after a heart attack should include fiber

Scientists: diet after a heart attack should include fiber has long been known that if the diet healthy person has a large amount of fiber, it is less susceptible to coronary heart disease, but until the end of scientists has not been studied how useful products with dietary fiber for people previously suffered a heart attack.Scientists have for a long time conducted a special experiment: 170,000 participants in a special survey were to describe your lifestyle, health and diet.

Among these people were more than 2,000 women and nearly 2,000 men who have had myocardial infarction before.For 9 long years of research and observation among 4,000 myocardial died 682 women and 451 male.

researchers analyzed all the data and realized that people who eat foods high in fiber, were much more protected from premature death.Doctors and scientists are confident that a long life can be after a heart attack at a constant observance of certain rules, including the use of foods rich in fiber, which also improves blood lipids and reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes.

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