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The best age to start a diet - '32

The best age to start a diet - company Forza Supplements (UK), known that produces a variety of nutritional supplements, recently organized an interesting scientific study.The purpose of the experiment: to find out what is the best age to start to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.According to the study, it became clear that women are better to begin to lose weight at age 32, while for men the ideal age for weight loss - 31 year.

The survey, which was conducted by Forza Supllements, attended by 1,000 people whose age is between 30 and 35 years (originally scientists determined the age range).Researchers at the company came to the conclusion that, in general 20-25 years, people can often get bogged down if you start a diet.Scientists believe that about 30 years people slowly begins the aging process of the body, not the soul, and at this age they are more serious about diet and healthy lifestyle.

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