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Complete people in 25 years, may appeal more to 35 years

Complete people in 25 years, may appeal more to 35 years Scientists, researchers have found a new pattern on the body mass index, a certain age a person and further development trends of obesity.It became clear in the course of observing the entire people that are overweight in 25-27 years could further develop to 33-35 years.

These findings were obtained after long years of analysis of opinion polls, which were conducted on the topic of proper nutrition in the period from 1999 to 2010.We know that in general, the rate of obesity has increased dramatically over the past 20-30 years.According to statistics, in the United States, about 35% of people aged 20-25 years and 18.5% of adolescents are overweight.All who are obese, increasing susceptibility to diabetes, heart disease and blood vessels, as well as some varieties of cancer.

Researchers from New York University concluded that people with excess weight between the ages of 22-25 years old has to think seriously about how to get rid of obesity, since the age of 35, he is likely to pick up even more weig

ht, and at the same timeand increase the risk of co-morbidities.

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